Which Backpack is Right For Me?

No two people are exactly alike – corny, but also true. No two Dime Bag backpacks are exactly alike, either – less corny, but just as true. To make it easier to find the right one that fits your wants, needs, and style, we’ve evaluated our backpacks, shoulder straps, and everything else about the bag inside and out. Whether you’re a school-attending skater, festival fanatic, or tree-hugging traveler, we’re sure we’ve got a backpack that’s just right for you.


Our classic Backpack is way more than just an accessory – its versatility makes it perfect for everyday adventures. It’s large enough to carry a 17” laptop with plenty of room left over for books and electronics, making it a popular choice for students and working professionals alike. The shoulder straps are designed for comfort, so it’s also a great go-to bag for hikes or traveling. This bag is both sustainable and durable, and comes in six different earth tones to match just about any outfit. And don’t forget the secret pockets, smell and spill-proof poly bag, and heavy duty zippers to store your stash. The Backpack is perfect for school, overnight festivals, long hikes, and camping trips.

Urban Backpack

A fun spin on the classic Backpack, our Urban Backpack packs just as great of a punch – but a whole lot louder. It features the best parts of our Backpack – four external compartments, two internal pockets, two micro-mesh water bottle holders, two adjustable side straps, and two adjustable bottom straps – with a little twist. The Hempster material is woven with a mixture of colors, which we call Glass, Concrete, and Timber. If you’re trying to make a statement while also keeping it on the down-low, the Urban Backpack is the backpack for you.

Club Kid

Though the Club Kid might look more like a purse, don’t be fooled by its slim design. This light and compact bag features plenty of storage space, and its large body pocket keeps your stuff organized for easy, clutterless access, making it a great option for anybody who’s always on-the-go. A padded exterior pocket is perfect for a night out – easily reach for whenever you have to swipe your credit card or flash your ID. The Club Kid is made with our durable hemp material and also features a reinforced bottom for extra protection. Combined with its secret pocket and smell-proof compartment, the Club Kid can survive any festival, concert, or shopping adventure out there that doesn’t need as much space as the classic Backpack.


The Transporter is a heavy-duty backpack for people who mean heavy-duty business. Our 100% smell-proof bag features a treated carbon lining and its own lock and key system, making it completely odorless while also keeping a look and feel similar to the classic Backpack. The Transporter is 19” in length, so there’s lots of room to transport larger items while staying low-key. With great storage space (including four external compartments, one internal pocket, and two water bottle holders) and its smell-proof superpowers, The Transporter lives up to its name – this is the perfect backpack for festival vendors, campers, travelers, or anybody else looking to carry their belongings safe and sound (and secret).


This backpack is not only stylish, but it’s also useful for any given adventure. With a simple click, convert this backpack into a shoulder bag or messenger-style bag to fit whatever look you’re going for that day. A Velcro closure makes everything easily accessible, and the main compartment has plenty of storage space. Use it as a messenger-style bag or backpack for outdoor adventures – there’s room to carry a jacket, water bottle, phone, and anything else you might need. Convert it into a shoulder bag for a trip to the mall or night out with friends.


Our Skatepack was definitely designed with our skaters in mind – but in reality, anybody could benefit from this durable backpack. With a large main compartment and smaller front pockets, there’s plenty of room to store everything you could need to get through the whole day. Two horizontal skate straps and adjustable shoulder straps make transporting your board both easy and comfortable, and there are two mesh water bottle holders so you can last longer on extra sunny days. It’s also got a secret pocket, spell-proof poly bag, and laptop compartment for the ultimate combination of work and play. Heavy duty zippers make sure your stuff stays safe, whether skating in the neighborhood or traveling out of town.

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