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You may have a good idea of what Dime Bags are used for. But we don’t like to limit our purpose. Dime Bags are made for EVERYONE, and that’s why we have a wide range of products. From carrying your everyday essentials to gear for all kinds of adventures, there’s a perfect Dime Bag out there for whatever you need. 🏞

If you have something to carry, we have the perfect bag for you then. You’ll just need to keep reading to find out how Dime Bags can make your life a little easier.  

The Padded Duffle Tube is Perfect for Photographers

Highly padded and lined with soft, shed proof, velour, our Padded Duffles are perfect for keeping your fragile pieces safe. This protective baby is available in 3 sizes - 10”, 15” and 17” - we recommend sizing up so you have plenty of room for all your goodies! With 18 color options and a customizable velcro patch, you’ll be sure to find a Duffle that fits your style. ✨

We’ve found the Padded Duffle to be especially handy for carrying around camera equipment during photoshoots. The tubular shape and thick padding keeps camera lenses snug, secure, and easily accessible without having to dig through a large backpack. Not to mention, ALL of the  padded pockets within the Duffle that are great for storing your extra camera batteries, memory cards and lens caps! 

Whether you’re a photographer by trade, or you just enjoy the art as a hobby, the Padded Duffle will keep you confident that your goods won’t break. If you’re planning on shooting outside in unpredictable weather, we recommend checking out one of our Water Resistant colors for extra safety so you can keep shooting with peace of mind. 📷 

Dime Bags Padded Duffle

Rethink Your Makeup Bag with The Pod 

There’s really no limit to what you can put in your Pod! This nifty padded travel case acts as an efficient way to store your stash. These lil’ guys come in 3 sizes - 5”, 6” and 7'' - depending on what you want to use them for. No matter which size you get, your Pod will be perfect for storing your less fragile, but still important, items! 😘

One of our favorite ways we’ve seen The Pod in action is as a makeup case. Toss the 5” Pod in your purse to secure your smaller items, like chapstick, makeup tools, or earbuds, that always seem to get lost in the bottom of your bag. 🤦‍♀️ The larger 2 sizes offer more compartments to hold your stuff and would be perfect for storing your beauty products when you’re traveling or on-the-go. The deeper compartment has plenty of room to fit your thicker makeup products, nail polishes, or even a small mirror. Flip that baby over and the smaller compartment would be ideal for holding jewelry and keeping it safe and secure within it’s shed proof velour. 

Equipped with netting and zippered pockets to keep your things in place, the larger 2 Pods can take on an assortment of goodies while keeping them organized and safe. Not to mention, there’s a clip and carabiner loop on the outside that allows you to easily attach your Pod wherever you may need it. 

Get a more in-depth look at The Pod in our latest Youtube video with Wavvy! 

Dime Bags Pod

A Yogi’s Dream with The Conversion Tube 

Our backpack-style tube is packed with a removable padded insert, exterior mesh pockets, and almost too many pockets for all your goods. Fans of the Conversion Tube have considered it as an insurance policy for their largest and most expensive glass. But the functions of this bag don’t stop there. 

The Conversion Tube is your ideal bag for protecting your camera and even a tripod during a hike. You can even throw a few wine bottles in there and take it on your next picnic. But one of our favorite uses of The Conversion Tube is for the Yogi.🧘‍

With it’s cylindrical design and convenient backpack capabilities, this bag is almost too perfect for holding your yoga equipment. Coming in 2 sizes - 18” and 23” - this spacious bag gives you PLENTY of room. When you remove the padded insert this bag is ideal for holding your yoga mat, block, straps and water bottles. Get ready to show up to the studio in style. 🕉

Dime Bags Conversion Tube

Skate with Ease with The Slinger

Have you met The Slinger yet? Well, if not, you’re about to fall in love with its multipurpose capabilities! This shoulder sling backpack is a convenient crossbody bag that will be sure to fit your essentials when you’re on-the-go. Sometimes you just don’t need a big backpack, especially if you’re hustling downtown or grinding at the skatepark.  

You can wear this bag many ways; in the front for easy pocket access or on your side or back when you just don’t want to think about it! Customize the look you're going for with the adjustable strap and our removable velcro patches. The Slinger comes in both recycled Hempster or Water Resistant colors, so if you’re hitting up the skate park or riding your bike and it starts to rain - don’t fret! 😘

Made with functionality in mind, The Slinger is perfect for being active. There’s enough room for you to toss your jacket in the main compartment when you get too hot. Need your phone quickly? No worries, just sling that baby around and grab your phone from the convenient front pocket. Heck, it’s so easy you can even do it while you’re skating! 🛹  

Dime Bags Slinger

Your Personal Bodyguard The Soldier 

The Soldier is going to be your fragile items’ best friend, think of it a personal bodyguard. With  pick and pull foam to fit your piece perfectly, this customizable carrier ensures a safe and secure journey for anything your heart desires. Whether you want to protect your glass, or maybe that vintage film camera you love so much, The Soldier has you covered. 💪

So, what can you use the Soldier for in your everyday life? Well, what is your most prized possession that you want to keep protected and locked up? Maybe you have a collectible figurine, a signed baseball, or maybe you just want to keep your most precious family heirloom safe. You can lock your goods up in either of the sizes - 6” and 10” - and tuck them away in storage or take them with you when you travel. Equipped with a TSA-approved lock you can make sure that no one messes with your stuff and airport security can safely get in there to peek if needed. 🔒

Dime Bags Omerta Soldier

Here at Dime Bags we don’t want to limit our uses and put ourselves in one box. No matter what kind of life you live, you can live it with a Dime Bag by your side. From uber protection, to bags that just make your life simpler, we got you covered. 😉  

What do YOU use your Dime Bags for? We want to know, seriously, pop a comment below. ✌️

February 04, 2021 — Jacki Stewart

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