Between your last kickflip and your next Chinese Nollie, you’ll need a way to carry your gear from one spot to the next. Luckily for you, Dime Bags makes its products with skaters in mind. Here are a few…


This easy-to-carry, durable backpack was designed specifically for skaters; hence the name, “Skatepack.” With 2 horizontal straps located on the front, this pack allows you to easily transport your board wherever you go. It contains a large compartment to carry everything you need and then some.

Need to carry your laptop or tablet without it rubbing against other items in your bag? No problem, Dime Bags had the safety of your electronics in mind as we designed a compartment specifically made for laptops. Not to mention the 2 water bottle holders for those long summer days. You won’t have to worry about the safety of your gear with the protection of heavy-duty zippers and a durable Hempster exterior.

And then there’s the “secret pocket.” This smell-proof, spill-proof, clear poly bag is nothing short of amazing. So have no worries as you carry around your essentials.

Club Kid

Do you prefer carrying your board under your arm, and a smaller pack on your back? We’ve got you! With comfortable, adjustable shoulder straps, the Club Kid can easily sit on your back, hands-free, as you skate through the neighborhood and hit some rails.

Now, this pack may be smaller than the Skatepack, but don’t let its slim size fool you. The internal organizers allow you to carry all your crucial belongings, while leaving room for your phone and a tablet. A small pocket is located on front, so you can easily access your important items as well.

Now what’s a Dime bag without its smell-proof, spill-proof clear poly bag? This secret pocket allows you to carry around the “goods” in style. Designed with a durable exterior and reinforced bottom, you know your belongings are kept safe.

Hip Hugger

Not too keen on having your pack on your back? Not a problem! The Hip Hugger is sure to serve. With a durable Hempster exterior and heavy duty adjustable straps, you can rock any style you want –– on the hip, over the chest, and yes, even over the back. Stay hands-free as you land that sick kickflip, knowing your phone and other belongings are safely secured by the buckle closure. Meanwhile, the smell-proof, spill-proof, clear poly bag is keeping your “product” nice and fresh. With 3 heavy-duty zipper pockets, you can skate with ease knowing you have your indispensable valuables close by your side.

7” Omertà Smell Proof Pouch

And finally, saving the best for last: The 7” Omertà Smell Proof Pouch. With lockable zippers — yes, I said lockable — this pouch is lined with 100% carbon, keeping your herb fresh and equipment safe, and best of all, 100% smell proof. Skate around with 7” inches of awesome packed with all the essential items you need while grindin’ those rails.

The next time you head to the park, bring your new Dime Bag along to keep all your essentials together.

October 03, 2018 — Joy Hughes

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