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Dime Bags took the classic tube bag, lined it with shed-proof velour, and made it stylish and functional. These tubes are highly padded and offer great protection.  Comes in three sizes: 10 inches, 15 inches, and 17 inches. We recommend getting slightly larger than you think you need.

  • Durable Hempster or water-resistant exterior
  • Heavily padded, shed-proof velour interior
  • Heavy-duty zippers
  • Smell-proof, clear poly bag
  • Interchangeable velcro label


10" Duffle Tube:

Dimensions 10" x 5" x 4"
Weight 0.65 lbs
Colors Black, Forest, Grey, Magenta, Midnight, Red, Sky, and water-resistant Cobalt
6 Compartments
  • 1 main zippered compartment
  • 1 external zippered pocket
  • 1 external flap pocket
  • 3 internal, open padded pockets


15" Duffle Tube:

Dimensions 15" x 8" x 5"
Weight 1.3 lb
Colors Black, Concrete, Earth, Glass, Grey, Red, Tan, and water-resistant Plum
8 Compartments
  • 1 main zippered compartment
  • 1 external zippered pocket
  • 1 external flap pocket 
  • 5 internal, open padded pockets


17" Duffle Tube:

Dimensions 17" x 9" x 6"
Weight 1.75 lb
Colors Aqua, Black, Concrete, Forest, Glass, Midnight, Silver, and water-resistant Crimson
8 Compartments
  • 1 main zippered compartment
  • 1 external zippered pocket
  • 1 external flap pocket
  • 5 internal, open padded pockets

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Dime Bags® stands behind the quality of our products, and our company philosophy is all about you. We understand that sometimes, things just don’t work out. You have 30 days from the purchase date listed on your receipt to return a product. Your returned/exchanged item should be in its original packaging with all hang tags and patches attached. All products must be in new and unused condition. We also request that you ensure the bag is clean and free of personal articles before mailing it in. Please use our Returns Center located on our footer to initiate your return. Please contact us at +1-888-520-8808 or email Hi@DimeBags.com if you have any questions. Once we’ve received the bag and processed the return, our billing department will issue a refund or store credit to reimburse you for the bag. Any shipping charges are excluded. Please note that based on the time elapsed since the purchase, the condition of the product, and/or missing items, our Returns department will determine whether to refund the full amount you paid for the bag or to charge a 10% restocking fee. Please mail your Dime Bag® to the below address. Dime Bags® Warranty Returns 10035 Federal Dr. Colorado Springs, CO 80908.


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Cass D.

This bag WILL protect your piece in a 75mph crash

I will say it now, and I will continue to say this until I die. Do not walk, RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN AND ORDER ONE OF THESE RIGHT NOW, it is worth every penny. Now let me tell you why: I bought this bag earlier this summer because I am a very outdoorsy person. I love to travel- but when you are hiking and stuff, you risk the chance of breaking your pieces if you bring them. Not with this bag, I have tripped over my own two feet while carrying this bag- not a scratch on my piece. My friend who was super ***** sat on the bag with my piece in it not knowing- still, not a single crack. If that hasn't sold you, then this might. A week ago I was making my trip home, about a 5 hour ride. Half way home, on the highway, in the middle of nowhere, in the dark, I hit a buck doing 75 mph. BAM- everything went flying, the airbags deployed, and everything continued to fly as my car finally came to a stop. Now this buck- sorry to him but he was visiting his grandparents after that. My car- man, that buck f*cked my sh*t up, completely totaled; all airbags deployed, everything under the hood is barely hanging on if it's even still there, the roof rack was completely gone, and the b*tch wouldn't start. But the best part of this whole thing is, I had my bag sitting next to me in the passenger seat while this all happened. Inside the bag was my brand new 16 inch beauty that I just bought before my trip. Now this bag flew when I hit the deer- at least I think, it was in the back when I found it afterwards. I was really worried because I mean, it was a 250 pound buck that I just hit doing 75mph and my car was totaled so no way did my bong just live through that- or so I thought. I pull my bong out of the bag- not broken one bit; not the 3 bowl pieces I had, not the downstem, not even the bong itself, not a single crack or f*cking scratch. She was unharmed. All because of you, Dimebags. If that doesn't convince you to buy one right now, I don't know what will. I, myself, will be purchasing 8 more bags for the rest of my pieces. Thank you Dimebags for always creating the best products<3 (Will add pics of car and bong so you can see for yourselves the sorcery this bag holds)



Hey Cass, Thank you so much for your feedback on the Padded Duffle tube! We are so excited to see that it's very much to your liking and that it saved your glass from that crash and that YOU are okay! This big guy will definitely help protect your most valued possessions without a doubt! GREAT choice! Enjoy.

United States United States

Sounds nice to make it twice

This is our second one of this style. We loved the first one so much we had to gather another one! Keep it up DB! PS This years stickers are bad *** too!



Hey Jim, Thank you so much for your feedback on the very NICE Duffle tube! We are so excited to see that you LOVE it just as much as we do! One is just not enough! GREAT choice. Enjoy!

United States United States


If you are undecided; do yourself a favor & get this bag!! I got one as a gift for my bf & let me tell you that was the best decision I ever made!!!! Definitely worth the investment. Prior to using this bag he would continuously put his smoking valuables inside of his shirt & attempt to walk out the house “discreetly” with it. I got tired of nagging every day about his unsafe carrying habits & I began to search for a product that would be able to fulfill this dire need & then I stumbled across this bad boy. Shipping was great & fast. 10/10 would recommend. If I could give an extra star I would. Thank you dime bag for keeping my man both safe & stylish…… (Now I just wish you guys would restock the 17 inch silver bag so I can get one for myself in time for my road trip) :)



Hey Jay, Thank you so much for your feedback on the super popular Duffle Tube! We are so stoked to see that it is very much to your liking! This big guy will definitely help you carry your pieces safely and worry-free! Be sure to keep an eye out for the Silver! Enjoy.

Water D.
United States United States

Great buy

I love this bag and would recommend to any stoner looking to protect their pieces and look cute too!



Hey Water, Thank you so much for your feedback on the very GREAT Padded Duffle Tube! We are so excited to see that you LOVE IT just as much as we do! This big guy will for sure help you carry and protect your fragile belongings. Enjoy!

Austyn J.
United States United States

Great idea!

Fits my grab lab bong perfectly and it is super well made with great quality materials!



Hey Austyn, Thank you so much for your feedback on the really GREAT Padded Duffle Tube! We are so excited to see that it is very much to your liking! The quality of this big guy definitely speaks for itself! Enjoy.