My friend’s sister’s cousin’s brother said that if I have a “Come Back with a Warrant” velcro label the cops can’t search my bag.

While we are flattered to be the stuff urban legends are made from unfortunately, a velcro patch probably won’t stop the police from searching your person or your bag. We are staunch supporters of the 4th amendment (really, the constitution as a whole) and encourage everyone to educate themselves about their rights.


Are the smell-proof pouches actually smell-proof?

You bitched and we listened! After much ado, we have re-released our smell/spill proof pouches. With re-enforced sides and a sturdy locking zipper, these pouches keep almost any smells locked away. We also made a small batch of wine in one and it a) didn’t leak and b) didn’t smell.


How do I refresh the carbon filter lining in my Omerta?

We suggest turning the bag inside-out and putting it into your dryer on medium heat for 10 minutes. Active Carbon has an absorption rate based off of square inch, so the smaller the bag the more frequently you may have to toss that B in the dryer.


Where are the keys to my Omerta Transporter backpack? Can I get replacements?

You can find the keys to your Omerta Transporter backpack in the front zipper compartment of the backpack. Still can’t find them? Give us a buzz or drop us a line and we’ll get you sorted out.

Unfortunately, because each bag is uniquely keyed, we are unable to provide replacement keys if you lose them or they get eaten by tigers. We recommend stashing the second key somewhere safe like with your grandma.


What is this “Hempster” you speak of?

Hempster is our unique hemp/recycled polyester blend that makes up the original Dime Bags lineup. Hemp provides for durability while the recycled polyester allows for a less abrasive fabric and more vibrant colors.


How is the Omerta line different from the original Dime Bags lineup?

Omerta’s are our one of kind, carbon filtered lined, completely smell proof bags. Designed to transport Pepe le Pew (or other skunks), the Omerta aims to keep smells, not you, locked away.


I want a tan Backpack. Do you make custom bags?

Unfortunately, we can’t custom make bags quite yet. However, we always want to hear ideas from our customers as to how we can make our lineup even better. Drop us a line at Hi@DimeBags.com with any ideas you have!


Do you offer international shipping?

At this time, we only offer shipping in the US and Canada.  Please check back often or sign up for our email list as we are looking into other options.