Mini Backpacks

Your hunt is over. Perhaps you've been looking for the perfect mini backpack for your road trip or maybe your favorite lady has been subtly dropping hints that she could use a new bag to lug all her snacks around. Regardless the reason, we've got a mini backpack that can do the job. 

Need smell-proof protection? Check out the best selling Mini Molly. Looking for something extra tiny? The Club Kid may be just what you are looking for. In the market for a classic everyday style? Our viral Hot Box or Festy Bound make for great everyday bags. 

These may be tiny backpacks but they pack a helluva punch. Each mini backpack is maxed out with functionality features (hello, internal organization) and a secret smell-proof pocket because we're not like other mini backpacks. We're cool mini backpacks. 

Want to round out the family? Grab the full size version of your favorite tiny backpack while you're at it.