With summer upon us, the excitement for spending time in the great outdoors is rising.  Whether you’re looking forward to camping trips in the wild or visiting your favorite summertime events, you want to have the right gear to bring your own personal bag of sunshine with you wherever you go.  Below you’ll find four of our personal favorite pieces of summertime adventure gear from our Dime Bag store. Each one is designed to help you make sure the months ahead are smooth and ones to remember.

Everyone needs that friend who almost magically seems has everything you need on them at all times.  This pouch is the Dime Bag version of that, all with the smell-proof protection of Dime Bags Omerta collection.  Available in 18 colors this pouch comes with four padded pouches to protect your delicate gear and includes a hidden rolling tray.  Whether you’re the “mom-friend” of the group or just like to be prepared, the All-On-One Pouch is your summer solution.

This bag is both absolutely adorable and packed with purpose, making it one of our favorite small Dime Bag products.  Available in six different colors it comes with a host of features that will help your summertime excursions be great.  The exterior is made of a durable hemp and has an adjustable shoulder strap that will let you keep it loose and swinging or tight up to the body for those more adventurous climbs.  The outside contains three easy to access zipper pockets with padded interiors. Looking to stay on the down-low or make a statement this summer? You can swap out the Velcro-label to make a statement or show your Dime Bag pride!

Whether you’re trekking through the woods to that next huge event or spending a day out on the town the Club Kid bag is the perfect compact travel container.  Don’t let its size lead you astray; there’s a ton of storage to be found in this compact bag. Inside you’ll find organizers for ID and credit cards, while the small front pocket ensures easy access to items you’ll need on the regular.  The bottom is reinforced to support the contents, and the inside has a secret pocket to protect your most treasured supply. The label is interchangeable, and the bag uses a clear-poly bag design to contain smells and protect against spills.

This bag is like the big, more sophisticated brother of the Club Kid. Available in four colors it will help you make a fashion statement while storing everything you need for a summer adventure.  Stay hydrated by loading in water bottles in the two included water holders and keep connected with the laptop compartment that keeps your system dry and safe. Needing to chill out after an exciting day? Open up the secret pocket to dig out your stash and light up to ease the excitement of the day away.  All zippers are heavy-duty to put up with the vigorous life of a smoker on the go, while the clear poly bag keeps spills and smells contained.

These four containers are going to ensure that you have everything you need for the exciting summertime ahead.  Whether you’re climbing mountains or just chilling with friends in a local park, you’ll always have everything you need to break out your stash and have a great time building memories that will last a lifetime.

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July 22, 2019 — Brandon Withey

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