In case you missed the memo, if you’re a joker, smoker or midnight toker, you should have a stash bag. Whether you are a med or rec, you’ll want something that securely stores all your goodies. A stash bag is an absolute essential if you need to be mobile because you have friends and go places. Besides the obvious, your go bag should also contain items you'll want to use once your sesh is over.

“But Dime Bags- whatever should I put in my stash bag?” you may be asking yourself. Do not fret- we’re here to lend our expertise in the subject. Here’s how to build the perfect pack in four easy steps- 

STEP 1: Choose your stash bag

Size does matter in this case and we have an amazing selection of odor proof bags that are in a variety of colors and sizes (we’re biased but you know that). Is this baby's first bag? Congrats!  We recommend getting one of our fully smell-proof bags. Here are a couple of options:

The Boss with Lock: This bag is bad ass. Our carbon-filter technology makes this bag fully smell-proof. It’s heavily padded to protect your glass and has a lock so nobody but you can access your special items. This bag comes in a variety of sizes: 5 inch, 7 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch and comes in three different colors: Black, green or camo.

The Collector: This bag also has our carbon-filter technology which makes this bag fully smell-proof. It comes in two sizes: 9 inch and 12 inch and in three different colors: Black, green or camo. This bag has an external pocket to stash items for quick access and you can even roll it up for a more compact fit. This bag also features a hidden pocket inside of the bag. 

STEP 2: Smoking materials

This is where personal preference comes into play. Flower? Stash a few RAW cones in addition to papers so rolling up is quick and easy. You can toss in a chillum or other lil’ buddy too. Maybe even a grinder if you are wearing your fancy pants. Feeling waxy? Pop your nectar collector in there with your goods and you’re ready to rumble. 

STEP 3: Lighter (+ backup)

As the saying goes: Two is one and one is none! How many times have you lost your lighter? Probably a lot. It’s a buzzkill if you forget your lighter (figuratively and literally), so go ahead and throw two lighters in your stash bag. We recommend packing an extra one, just in case the other falls off a cliff or runs out of fuel. 

STEP 4: Extras

These recommendations aren’t directly related to puff puff passing, but you’ll be glad to have them once you’ve completed the mission. Here are some extras that can be easily thrown into your stash bag:

  • If you’ve ever had cottonmouth, you’ll know that your lips also get chapped. One of our favorite chapstick brands is Burt's Bees. 
  • We also recommend packing gum or mints to help with that dry mouth. 
  • Last item on our list is eyedrops. Your eyes might get dry or you want to go to a place that you don’t necessarily want to look not low. 

One size doesn’t fit all, friends. Be sure to customize your stash bag with other essential items that work for you and your needs. Call it self-care. 

September 21, 2022 — Amber Sparks


Michael said:

Love my omerta don but can’t find the secret stash spot on the inside…you guys are good!

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