Despite the strides that we have made in reducing the stigma surrounding cannabis use, there are still times and places when you don't necessarily want "Do I smell weed?" to be the first thing other people think when they see you. If legalization has yet to make its way to you, you have a few other things to worry about then just a side eye from people, especially if you have any road trips on the slate. We've rounded up 9 of the best solutions to help keep your stash stench from giving you away.

How to Hide the Smell of Weed 9 Ways

1. Smell-proof bags

One of the best ways to keep your cannabis usage from gracing the noses of others is by storing your stash in a smell-proof bag or case right off the bat. While there are a few different technologies available to keep smells locked in instead of you locked up, storage solutions with an activated carbon lining will provide an enhanced level of protection. An activated carbon lining will trap any scent particles in the filter before they can even escape into your grandma's living room. If you don't want to give up your stoner cred entirely, Dime Bags smell-proof bags are complete with interchangeable labels so you don't have to give up who you are entirely.

2. Airtight Storage Containers

Another solid option for keeping the smell of weed hidden is storing it in an airtight container. We bet it just clicked as to why there was always a mason jar in your Aunt Linda's purse when she came over for Thanksgiving. You can keep it vintage like Auntie L or, because you are sophisticated and refined, something designed specifically to keep odors trapped in. Once you're all sealed away, it's easy enough to toss the container into your everyday bag and get on gettin'.

3. DIY Sploofs

DIY Sploofs

(Image by Jesse Milns for Leafly via Leafly.)

You may know the 'sploof' but another name: The Doob Tube. The concept is simple- blowing the smoke through dryer sheets acts as a smoke filter. Our friends at have a few tips on how to make your very own Sploof with stuff you have lying around the house. You'll need:

Finished toilet paper roll

6 dryer sheets

2 rubber bands

To make the sploof:

  1. Stuff the toilet paper roll with four dryer sheets
  2. Cover one end with two more dryer sheets
  3. Secure the dryer sheets snuggly over the end with a rubber band (or 6. It's a good idea to use multiple.)

4. Odor-Neutralizing Sprays and Air Fresheners

We're finally realizing why our parents had that can of Ozium in their room and not the bathroom...

Odor neutralizing sprays and air fresheners can help eliminate or mask the smell of weed smoke. With odor neutralizing sprays, the spray works to neutralize the scent of weed smoke instead of masking it. It's science. Air fresheners on the other hand, work to cover strong odors up. 

Regardless of your choice, there is no shortage of scents and brands to choose from but word to the wise- don't go too heavy on the spray. If you walk into a room smelling like a Bath and Body Works the fam is going to know you are trying to hide something.  Same goes for if you have 15 Little Tree air fresheners dangling on your rearview mirror.

5. Ventilation Techniques

This may be the best way to hide the smell of weed and one of the easiest ways. Ready? Open a window in the first place. The fresh air is good for. But be mindful of your neighbors like Mr. Roger's taught you. 

Since opening a window might not always be enough to clear the air or weather may not permit, here are a few other tips and tricks you can use to help ventilate your space-

  • Fans. Coupling an open window with a fan will help to ventilate your space quicker by forcing the air out the window. Portable fans and box fans work the best for ventilating a space as you can easily place them by an open window to help draw air out of the room.
  • Cross ventilation. If you do not have a fan or it just isn't suitable to run one, you can use cross ventilation to help clear the air. By opening a window and/or door on opposing sides of your house, you can encourage air flow which helps eliminate any cannabis smell.

One thing every cannabis user should consider if they smoke indoors or in their car is the air conditioning. When smoking in enclosed space with an air conditioner on, the air in the environment you are smoking in can become recirculate if you are not careful. This recirculation of weed smoke will just trap you in a vicious cycle. To help get ahead of your car having a strong smell of cannabis, make sure to turn off the air recirculation(that's the button with the arrow going in a circle). When it comes to your home, you probably don't want to shut the air conditioner off. Because your house is so much larger than your car, so long as you avoid blowing smoke directly into the air vent, you should be safe. We are also operating under the assumption that you aren't Snoop Dogg. 

6. Incense and Candles

Another great way to help mask the marijuana smell,  incense and candles can help reduce the smell of cannabis in your home. The upside here is that you are more likely to find smells that mesh with the weed smell a little easier than you can with sprays and air freshers. Plus, if you lean a little crunchy, incense and candles are part of your vibe.

Some scents we recommend are patchouli (but that may say "I smoke weed" more than the actual smell of weed), peppermint, lavender and lemongrass. 

7. Essential Oil Diffusers

Maybe you've noticed but a lot of the ways to reduce the smell of cannabis is by using something that smells different after you light up. If you have an essential oil diffuser, you can load it up before the sesh and let it do its thing while you enjoy yourself. Essential oils are also said to contain therapeutic properties so a few drops may help keep things chill.

Some scents we recommend for masking the smell of cannabis are patchouli (but that may say "I smoke weed" more than the actual smell of weed), peppermint, lavender and lemongrass.

8. Alternative Consumption Methods

Sometimes smoking just isn't an option but you still want to reap the benefits of cannabis. While edibles are always an option, several companies have come to the market with products like 'capsules' that contain THC extract. They're often available in Sativa, Indica or Hybrid varieties and not only offer a scent free experience but offer a more accurate dose. As with edibles, don't go all in or else you'll end up an internet meme.

If vaping is your preferred consumption method, you still need to be conscious of a scent but not quite as much as you do if you are taking rips from the bong. On average, vaping only creates 20% of the smell that traditional smoking methods do since the user is exhaling vapor, not smoke. TVape, a leader in a vaporizer industry, says:

"Vaporization, unlike combustion methods, keeps the majority of the vapor either inside of the device or in your mouth and lungs when you draw, so that not only does it smell less, but also less of the product is out in the air making a smell to begin with." (TVape)

9. Air Purifiers

An air purifier may be the fanciest method to hide the smell of marijuana but the concept is similar to that of the Sploof. The air pushed through a filter to pull odor molecules (and other allergens) out of the air. When considering what air purifier to buy, you will want to elect for one that has a carbon filter vs. a traditional HEPA filter as the latter will act better as a smoke filter

The main difference between the two filters is that HEPA filters work by trapping particles and micro organisms that may be in the air. These filters are often used in vacuum cleaners, hospitals and schools. They are not designed to remove any odor or scent molecules from the air, only trap impurities. 

On the other hand, carbon filters are designed specifically to neutralize odor particles like smoke, chemical fumes and other scents that may be in the air. The science behind it is that by treating charcoal with oxygen, the pores between the carbon atoms open up. As the air moves through the filter, smoke and other odors are trapped in the filter. 

How to Hide Weed Smell FAQ

How long does the smell of weed linger?

It depends on how much you are smoking, how you are smoking and where you are smoking. A well ventilated area may only have a hint of weed smell after smoking. A car that has been hot boxed is going to take a little longer to air out. Smoke wisely and be conscious of your surroundings.

When it comes to the smell of weed lingering on things like your hair and skin, the amount of time cannabis will linger can really vary. If you are worried about your hair, hands or even breath smelling like weed, the good news is you can use lotion, perfume, hand sanitizer and gum to help mask the scent.

How can I get the smell of weed out of my room?

Well. Congrats, you made it to the end of the article without reading it. Air purifiers, odor reducing sprays, air fresheners and the like can all help eliminate the weed smell from your room. How long it will take to air your room out will depend on how much and how often you smoke in it and what type of ventilation is available. The more ventilation you have, the quicker the smell can dissipate.

How can I prevent the smell of weed from sticking to my clothes?

It doesn't matter what you keep your stash in if your favorite consumption method is a hot box. Making minor adjustments to how you smoke can help keep the smell of weed from sticking to your clothes. Try going outside or rolling down a window. Have you heard of a Smokin' Jacket? It's a jacket you wear when you smoke. Not only does it sound classy af, it gives you an additional layer between your workwear and the clouds you're blowing.

Want to double on your smellproof protection? You've come to the right place. Have you managed to hide the smell but now you need to hide the high? Check out our list of everything you need to keep it low on the go.
April 15, 2024 — Amber Sparks

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