Dime Bags Perfect for Concerts

When you’re heading out to a concert, you don’t want to be announcing what you’re carrying to the entire car, let alone the entire concert.  That’s why Dime Bags has a line of products perfect for your more surreptitious needs, designed to ensure that you can keep your little stash a secret until it’s time to unwind from the show.  If you’re getting ready for a big summer of shows and events, then look into these items to make sure you can always keep a little something aside for the aftershow party.

5” Omerta Boss With Lock

Boss with Lock

This package is from our Omerta line, and that means that it’s perfectly suited to keeping things a little hush-hush for you.  This design features a three-number lock that will ensure prying eyes and fingers can’t get in and a smell-proof feature that will keep your order on the down-low.

6” Omerta Capo


Another offering from our Omerta line this 6” Capo knows that sometimes you need to keep something aside for yourself.  This package is easy to get into with a velcro release top but also uses carbon-filter technology to trap odors and make sure you have a little surprise for later.

Urban Tote

urban tote

This magnificent Urban Tote is there when you need to pack along a bit more than a ‘little’ stash.  Inside you’ll find a total of 8  pockets to keep things sorted, including one secret pocket for slipping your stash into.  This is perfect for the club, concert, or beach, anywhere you want to go.

Club Kid

club kid

This compact little bag is perfect for the Club Kid on the go, and it isn’t short on storage either!  Inside you’ll find a padded container for holding your ID, credit cards, and maybe a little something else.  Stylish and scene friendly it’s the perfect finishing touch to your clubbing outfit.

10” All-In-One

This little pack has everything you need to have a magnificent time.  Not only is it smell-proof, but it also comes with a built-in roller and plenty of storage space for your ID and the tools of the trade.  If you’re heading out to a concert or club and want something you can easily slip into an interior pocket without sacrificing space, the 10” All-In-One is your best option.

So there you have, a perfect load-out of Dime Bag paraphernalia (yes, we have to spell-check it every time too) to take with you as you head out to the next big thing.  Whether you’re relaxing in the nose-bleeds or down among the crowd, these bags will help you take it all with you for a great time during or after the show.  There’s no reason you can’t combine them or mix them up, the 10” All-in-One is the perfect size for slipping into your Club Kid or Urban Tote, ensuring that you have a convenient grab and go bag if you want to leave the bigger one behind.  Don’t hit the concert season under-equipped, pick up one of these bad boys today!

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