Welcome to the world of Dime Bags®!

We got our roots in the industry when two buds decided they were tired of the subpar hemp bags that were flooding the market at the time. Fast forward ten years and Dime Bags has become the leader in the hemp accessories market making a high-quality, timeless product with a high regard for detail.



At first the two friends' vision was simple: they wanted to bring a durable and environmentally friendly hemp bag to consumers. The first Dime Bag®, the grey padded pouch, was made from 100% organic hemp and had a plush velvet lining. They realized quickly that the velvet lining was leaving debris behind and thus the 100% cotton lining become a signature component of the line. Although the original Dime Bags were great, they quickly learned that a 100% hemp bag did not quite stand the test of time.


While the two friends were exploring fabrics that were both organic and durable, they had the brilliant idea to blend recycled polyester and hemp and thus, Hempster was born. Blending recycled polyester and hemp revolutionized the line. Not only were the bags far more durable than the traditional 100% hemp bag, but it allowed for the introduction of more colors.

Currently, Dime Bags are made with Hempster hemp- and polyester-blend exteriors and 100% organic cotton interiors. These innovations make Dime Bags not only some of the most innovative bags on the market but also some of the most environmentally friendly bags around.


Over time, Dime Bags got requests from consumers for a smell- and spill-proof pouch, so the decision was made to incorporate a smell-proof pouch into our product line. We heard what our customers were saying and delivered a product that met their needs. We didn’t stop there though: after the introduction of the smell- and spill-proof pouch, we did another solid and added a secret stash pocket to our most popular bags (can’t find it? Hint: turn your bag inside out).


It's never been about a bag. It's been about questioning constructs and creating a community. It's a calling card to let people know they're free to be whoever they want. At the end of the day, we're all just monkeys flying around on a chunk of dirt in space. Don't Judge Me began as a mantra for combating stigma and stereotypes around cannabis use. Since then, it's become one of the core tenets of our brand. With Dime Bags, you are free to just be you. "Know Your Rights" is more than just a reminder that you still have the Preamble to the Constitution memorized. We're reminded every day that not only do we need to be diligent in knowing our rights but we need to stand up for the rights of others.