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  • Want to Win a $1,000 Dime Bags Shopping Spree?

    Want to Win a $1,000 Dime Bags Shopping Spree? Collect all 12 Stickers from 2019 and post using #DimeBagsSlaps for your chance to win!
  • How to Choose The Right Bong

    If you’ve never used a bong, otherwise known as a water-pipe, before you’re in for a serious treat.  The following guide will teach you everything you need to know to take advantage of the unique properties of a water bong and get the best possible smoke from it.  Below we’ve started with the most important […]

  • Stages of Cannabis Plant Growth

    Cannabis plants, like all living things, go through a series of stages as they grow and mature.  From the humble seed, they grow and thrive into a plant capable of being made into clothing, construction material, paper, and endless other wonderful and biodegradable things.  Of course, they also turn into our favorite little magic herb […]

  • Companies Doing Cool Things With Hemp

    It’s no surprise to anyone who shops with us that Dime Bag is extremely proud to be a supporter of the hemp fabric industry.  We use our own proprietary blend of hemp and recycled polyester to make all of our products, and we’re excited to promote other companies out there who do their part by […]

  • Cannabis and Astrology: Zodiac Strains pt. 1

    Cannabis has always been associated with those who are focused on exploring their spirituality and opening their minds to new experiences.  That me...
  • Women In Cannabis

    The cannabis industry has done a fantastic job of empowering us all, from medical professionals seeking new ways to help their patients to minority...
  • The Padded Pouch

    As many of you are probably already aware the padded pouch comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from the 5-in mini to the 10-in bag for those who believe it’s all about going big or going home.
  • All About Cannabis Cloning

    With the legalization of cannabis, however, there’s a whole new type of cloning we need to be talking about. That’s the cloning of a cannabis plant to get more plants for your garden.  Don’t worry; this doesn’t have anything to do with DNA or mad science; it’s a time-honored gardening tradition that goes back nearly as long as gardening itself. If you’ve ever wondered how you can accomplish this feat and get more hemp plants for yourself, then read on and enjoy this handy guide from Dime Bags.
  • What Exactly Is Decarboxylation?

    While the term is frightening to some, Decarboxylation is something that is vital for anyone who uses cannabis, especially if they intend on cookin...
  • Cannabis 101: What is a Thai Stick?

    With the recent wave of legalization in the US another method has found its way to the US.  This method hails from Thailand and has been held as a ...
  • Teen Drug Use Down After Recreational Legalization

    Over the past decade, there has been a marked increase in the use of Cannabis by the youth in the United States, but teen Drug use in legal states ...
  • A Complete Novices Guide to Dabbing

    With the rising tide of legalization for both medical and recreational use marijuana is beginning to be as American as apple pie.  Smoking and vapi...