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Best Festival Bags & What to Consider

Let’s face it- tickets are hardly the only thing you need when hitting the festival circuit in the summer. Whether you are hitting Bonnaroo, EDC or Coachella,...

Best Bags for Concerts & What To Consider

When you’re heading out to a concert, you don’t want to be announcing what you’re carrying to the entire car, let alone the entire concert.  That’s why Dime Bags has a line of products perfect for your more surreptitious needs, designed to ensure that you can keep your little stash a secret until it’s time […]

How to Roll a Blunt Step-By-Step

Rolling a blunt is a bit like origami for grown-ups, only way more rewarding! Here’s how to roll a blunt like a pro so you can quit waiting on someone to do it for you and start pulling your weight. Okay, we may be projecting a little but it’s still a quality party trick and life skill. 

Does Weed Go Bad + How Long Is It Good For?

Does weed go bad and how long is it good for? Find out if you should toke it or trash it and become a master of stash freshness with our expert storage tips!

How to Hide the Smell of Weed: 9 Stash Smell Solutions - Dime Bags

Despite the strides that we have made in reducing the stigma surrounding cannabis use, there are still times and places when you don't necessarily want "Do I...

Dime Bags and Grassroots Announce Second Top Shelf Series Collaboration

Dime Bags and Grassroots California, both counter-culture hemp apparel retailers, are pleased to announce a new limited edition hat+bag release from May 2020 forward. The Top Shelf...
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