Water Resistant Bags

Left: Water Resistant Backpack in Stone. Right: Water Resistant Backpack in Graphite

By now you probably know and love our iconic Hempster fabric, but have you met our water resistant material? This recycled Polyester blend keeps your goods dry on rainy days, watery adventures, or just from any spills that may come your way. We know that life can be unpredictable and sometimes you just need a bag that can handle it all. No more worrying about getting a little dirty! 😉

What is Dime Bags New Water Resistant Fabric?

We wanted to give our lovely customers a more durable option for their Dime Bags. Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE our Hempster material, but sometimes you just need a little extra protection! Especially if you’re taking your sesh outside, or going on some RAD outdoor adventures. 🏞 Our water resistant material will be sure to withstand any wet conditions you may come across.

Our water resistant material is made from recycled polyester, which not only repels water but also has excellent strength and abrasion resistance. You’re going to want to add at least one water resistant Dime Bag to your collection.

The Slinger | Water Resistant Shoulder Bag

The Slinger in Crimson

Water Resistant Color Options

We introduced our water resistant material to select bags across our line in 6 exclusive colors; Onyx, Cobalt, Crimson, Plum, Stone, and Graphite. In addition to these exclusive colors, we have some fun fanny pack colors that will keep your stuff dry as well as our entire Omerta line! Whether you’re looking for something neutral, or you want to add a pop of color to your life, we have a water resistant bag for you! Whichever color you choose just know that your color won’t fade. Polyester has a great resistance to sunlight, which makes it ideal for hiking and being active outdoors. 

Onyx is a traditional black color and always a safe choice to pair well with all your outfits. You can never go wrong with Onyx! We also have 2 shades of gray; Stone and Graphite. Stone is the lighter choice of the two, with a little more texture whereas Graphite is a solid, medium shade of gray. 

For those of you who like to play around with colors, we have water resistant bags in Cobalt which is a deep blue (think your favorite shade of dark denim). Spice things up a bit with Crimson. 🌶 This bright red will be sure to get people’s attention in the best way possible! Sporting a Dime Bag in Crimson is like putting on a red lipstick and feeling like a BOSS. Last but not least, we have Plum - a beautiful, deep shade of purple. Watch out, you might get a few compliments with this one! 😘

The Conversion Tube | Padded Duffle

Left: The Conversion Tube in Cobalt, Right: The Padded Duffle in Plum


If you’re looking for the security of our Padded collection with a ‘lil extra safety from water, we got you covered. The Pod, Padded Duffle and Conversion Tube are all available in water resistant color options. Whether you’re looking for a travel case, or 360° protection, you can have the peace of mind that your goods wont get wet. 🌧

Keep all your essentials by your side with our iconic variety of Shoulder Bags! From daily use to impromptu weekend getaways, our Slinger, Voyage Messenger, and Urban Tote are prepared to fit any lifestyle. Since these bags are ideal for holding your tech, it might be important for you to get them in water resistant for that extra security! That’s why we wanted to make these babies available in a variety of our water-wicking colors to fit your needs. 

Lookin’ to be hands free and cute AF? Look no further than our Mini Backpacks. The Hot Box, Festy Bound, and Club Kid are all available in water resistant colors so that you can walk around in style without worrying about the weather ruining your stuff. 

Our Backpacks are the perfect blend of utility and comfort, think of them as your ultimate companion. You definitely don’t want your BFF to get drenched in rain, right? Whether you’re hustling around the city, or going on a hike, we have a backpack for you. Our Water Resistant Backpack and Slab Bag both come in sleek, water repellent colors to keep your goods dry.

For comfort, accessibility and style, check out our Fanny Packs! We have 4 of these bad boys available in water resistant colors - the Party Pack, Paradise Pack, Puff Pack and Classic Fanny Pack. From going to outdoor festivals, to exploring nature, these bags are great for keeping your essentials close and secure. 

Party Pack | Water Resistant Fanny Pack

The Party Pack in Disco Pink

If you’re wanting your possessions to be uber guarded and discreet, Omerta is the line for you. All of our Omerta bags are, not only lined with carbon activated technology and 100% smell proof, but water resistant as well! We recently debuted 2 new sleek Omerta colors - Camo & Green - in addition to our classic Black. Take Omerta wherever you need to go with no worries about who or what might be around. 😉

Omerta Smell Proof Bags | Water Resistant Bags

The Don in Camo, The Boss with Lock in Green  

Dime Bags are always here for you, through thick and thin, sun and rain, or anything life throws at you. We are your go-to bags for any occasion and any lifestyle. Whatever adventure you’re going on, make sure you have a Dime Bag by your side. 🏕

June 02, 2023 — Jacki Stewart

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