Introducing Omerta Camo and Green

Omerta Smell Proof | New Colors | Camo | Green | Carbon-Lined Technology

After debuting the Carbon-Lined Technology Omerta Transporter & Associate in 2014, the smell proof line has grown to include 13 exclusive pouches, duffles, and lifestyle bags and is finally available in more than just classic Black. As of January 22nd, select bags are now available in a discreet black Camo and a dark hunter Green. Learn more about which bags are coming out in the two new exclusive colors and when the entire line will be offered in all three colors.


Omerta The Don | Shoulder Sling | Camo | The Boss with Lock | Green | Smell Proof | Lockable | New Omerta | Dime Bags

Secure, Discreet, yet Stylish

You love how the Omerta line kept you discreet with our low profile, Water Resistant black. To keep up with your popular demand, we found two new sleek colors. The new Camo and Green will keep prying eyes off your back and the knowledge of your belongings to only you.

We know you’re going to love the dark black, subtleness of the Camo, and the army like, hunter Green water-resistant exteriors. 

Omerta Pouches & Lifestyle Bags

First to debut in the new colors of our carbon-lined technology bags are the Omerta Boss with Lock (padded pouch), Omerta Capo (6” & 7” pouch), Omerta Collector (9” & 12” pouch), Omera Don, and the Omerta Outfit (lockable fanny pack). These five styles are immediately available and sealed with either double Velcro closings or smell proof zippers. The Boss with Lock and Outfit are both extra secure with a three code lock keeping unwanted visitors out. 

Omerta New Colors | Camo | Green | The Done | The Boss with Lock | The collector | Smell Proof | Carbon Line Technology | Dime Bags | Omerta Line | Newest bags

Coming Up Next...

Later in February, nearly the rest of the Omerta line will come in the Camo and Green. The Transporter (lockable backpack), the Brigata (lockable padded duffle bag in three sizes), the Convoy (lockable tote), the Mini Molly (mini backpack), the Associate (lockable mid-size duffle), and the Cleaner (large lockable duffle) will be offered in Black, Camo, and Green. The Solider and Underboss will remain in their black exteriors. 

As always, all of the new bags come with removable label patches so you can customize the bags to be your own style! How pumped are you to finally see some Omerta bags in new colors? Comment below on which is your favorite, love the classic Black, hunter Green, or the black Camo?

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  • I’m tryin to grab that lockable backpack in black camo! Let’s gooooo!! Also, seen some concept art floating around on the internet for 3 different style dime bag hoodies & all 3 looked dope af! What’s the deal on those, guys? They were posted over a year ago on the site I found em at. If you’re still undecided, then I’m here to let you know.. pull the trigger & follow thru with those next! I’ve been in search of high & low for any types of dime bag apparel to no avail. Some dime bag fits is exactly what my closet been missin’! Get on that asap!


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