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A closer look at what makes Dime Bags unique.

You may have seen the word “Hempster” in our product descriptions. Maybe you thought it was a hemp hipster? Close – but not quite. Hempster is what the exterior of our bags (excluding Omerta collection) are made out of. It’s hemp, industrial hemp to be exact. Dime Bags offers a unique array of hemp products to fit everyone’s needs.

Hemp + recycled polyester = Hempster.

Simple as that! Sometimes we get asked why we don’t create all hemp bags or all recycled polyester Dime Bags. Well, as much as we’d love to rock the all hemp look, it turns out it’s a pretty difficult material to work with on its own. Hemp is an incredibly versatile plant. Hemp, as you may or may not have known, is used for textiles, beauty supplies, food products, and more. As a textile, hemp can be very difficult to dye and can have a very rough and stiff build on its own. However, hemp is durable, and more importantly, it’s hemp!

Hempster | Stach Pack | Fanny Packs
Stach Pack in Sand

Tim Morrissey, the Dime Bags CEO, and his partner knew from the start that if they were going to get into the industry, they had to do it right. While the two friends were exploring fabrics that were both organic and durable, they had the brilliant idea to blend recycled polyester and hemp and thus, Hempster was born. Blending recycled polyester and hemp revolutionized the line. Not only were the bags far more durable than the traditional 100% hemp bag, but also it allowed for the introduction of more colors.

Currently, Dime Bags are made from the Hempster blend used on the exterior and 100% organic cotton is used for the interior. These innovations make Dime Bags not only some of the most innovative bags on the market but also some of the most environmentally friendly bags around.

After years of hemp activism, he wanted to create a product that represented the alternative lifestyle community, and show the general public that hemp is a useful plant, in more than one way. Determined to create a hemp bag that is available in multiple colors, soft to the touch, and long lasting, he set out to create the world’s first hemp and recycled polyester blend, now affectionately known as Hempster.

Hempster | Water Resistant | Dime Bags Left: Water Resistant Padded Duffle in Crimson, Right: Hempster Festy Bound in Purple 

Morrissey determined that recycled polyester would work as the perfect mix. Polyester is an extremely strong and durable fabric. It is resistant to most chemicals, stretching, shrinking, mildew and abrasions. It is also quick drying, and retains its shape, making it perfect for multi-weather use. It is also easy to wash and dry.

When hemp and recycled polyester are blended – they become an unstoppable textile. Hempster is durable and fashionable, and most of all, a salute to the many uses of the hemp plant.

June 02, 2023 — Tim Morrissey

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