What is Omerta?

If you’ve ever used our online store, you know that we categorize our Dime Bags into seven different categories: Backpacks, Protective, Shoulder Bags, Handbags & Clutches, Waist Bags, Dab Stations, and, our most technologically advanced line, Smell Proof – otherwise known as our Omerta collection.

Don’t let the term “Omerta” fool you – these are still 100% Dime Bags. Our Omerta bags are unique from the rest of our merch, though, fully equipped with carbon filter technology and locking zipper designs for ultimate smell proof protection. 

Our Omerta products range from 5 inch pouches to full sized duffle bags and backpacks, so there’s no doubt we’ve got something in store for you. Whether you’re storing used gym clothes, transporting a tuna fish lunch, or keeping your latest pickup a secret from your roomies, our Omerta products have got your back.

How Does It Work?

The carbon filter technology in our Omerta bags is actually pretty simple. Products are lined with activated carbon, which traps any floating molecules from whatever’s in the bag – including whatever scent the molecules give off. Activated carbon is processed to create an extremely porous surface, meaning the carbon lining has more surface area – and more room to capture the scent. Better yet, because the smell is chemically absorbed, it’ll never be released from your bag.

While it sounds super futuristic, we can’t take the credit. Carbon filtration has been around for years now – in cigarette filters, respirator masks, and more. It’s also super easy to use. Like, you don’t have to do ANYTHING super easy. But over time, all those pores in the activated charcoal will eventually fill up and you’ll notice the scent of your bag’s contents start to leak out. Don’t even sweat it, though. Just toss it in the dryer for ten to fifteen minutes to reactivate the charcoal. Your bag will be good as new every time.

Omerta Smell Proof Boss With Lock

What Does It Mean?

While “Omerta” sounds like a pretty random word, it’s actually a name we’ve given careful thought to. Its history dates all the way back to the 1500s, though it really gained traction with the rise of the Italian mafia. They coined the golden rule of “omerta” – a code of conduct, loyalty, and silence – and the importance of omerta only grew over time.

In the 1890s, the initiation ceremony for the Sicilian Mafia in Italy required new members to pledge loyalty to the mob, and, most importantly, a promise to live by the code of omerta. To the Mafia, this was a code of silence to live by – a promise to never go to the government to report a crime, and to never cooperate with an investigation.

Are you ready to take the Omerta pledge? Check out our entire line today. Not only are all our Omerta bags equipped with carbon filter technology, but some models also come with mobster level security clearance. The new Soldier and Boss with Lock use a three number code to keep sticky fingers guessing while the Transporter, Cleaner and Associate come with uniquely keyed locks to keep your belongings secure.

You’re the boss and you need a bag that can keep up with you. Our smell proof Omerta collection is designed for those who don’t wait for the call – they make their own rules.

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