Dime Bags and Grassroots Fanny Pack and Hat Combo

Dime Bags and Grassroots California, both counter-culture hemp apparel retailers, are pleased to announce a new limited edition hat+bag release from May 2020 forward. The Top Shelf Series represents the combined efforts of cutting edge art design with top-notch hempster blends and features a selection of hats and bags in iconic Grassroots prints. The collaboration continues the success of the earlier limited edition Dime Bags x Grassroots series.

“Our first collab with Grassroots did so well, we are back with round 2,” said Tim Morrissey, CEO and Founder of Dime Bags. “For the launch of this collaboration, we designed a limited edition print that can only be found in the Top Shelf Series. This is one of the rarest items a Dime Bags collector can own.”

The Top Shelf Series features custom snapback hemp hats with Grassroots’ signature removable bear patches, and Dime Bags’ fanny pack with three zippered compartments and an adjustable hip strap. The hats come in sizes small/medium and large/extra-large, and when purchased comes with a collector’s edition box for avid hemp connoisseurs. The Top Shelf Series runs in limited quantities of 420 and will be available this Friday online at dimebags.com and grassrootscalifornia.com.

“As a company, we like to align ourselves with others in the industry who are working towards the same goals,” said Ryan Connolly, CEO and Founder of Grassroots California. “As a business who likes to focus on the positive representation of cannabis, eco-conscious efforts, and sustainable practices, the partnership with Dime Bags was a natural progression for us both. We’re excited to offer this limited edition hat and bag online only at this time.”

About Dime Bags

Dime Bags began in 2009 under Tim Morrissey, founder of the largest cannabis wholesale manufacturing and distributor company, Head Choice Inc, and hemp-focused retail company Dime Bags. Known for its durable and organic apparel, Dime Bags developed its signature hempster, a blend of hemp and recycled cotton. They created a more eco-conscious and versatile material that has revolutionized its hemp bag lines. Today, the company carries three lines of products and delivers on its initiative to create fashionable and functional eco-friendly bags.

More information about Dime Bags and its products can be found at www.dimebags.com.

About Grassroots California

Grassroots California started in 2008 by Ryan Connolly, who left his real estate career and first began making hats for a documentary film, and has now emerged as one of the biggest names for custom-fitted hats in the industry. Grassroots thrives in the industry by providing cutting edge art styles with environmentally-friendly hemp and creates their signature hats by paying attention to every detail and design. Grassroots has since distributed its products to over 300 stores in 20 countries across the world and has collaborated with numerous national artists like Method Man, Pink Floyd, and Jerry Garcia.

More information about Grassroots and its products can be found at www.grassrootscalifornia.com.


June 02, 2023 — Jacki Stewart


greg said:

hey is it still possible to get the collab merch?

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