Do you enjoy being a lil zooted when you are out and about? Are you worried that everyone can smell how loud you are during quiet time? There’s no shame in the game, but the inevitable side yees and flared nostrils in public outing can be a buzzkill. Luckily, you have us, a charming team of pseudo professionals, to help you keep it low key wherever you go! Before sparking up and running errands, here are a few items that you’ll want to bring along with you:

Eye drops and contact lens solution

Whether you have contact lenses or 20/20 vision, having eye drops or contact solution is absolutely essential to keeping your business on the low down. This will help remove the redness in your eyes, and leave them feeling refreshed and ready to go. 


Nobody likes a stinky breath. Literally no one so you can count this as more of a general life tip. This may seem like a no brainer but did you know that smoking will directly affect the scent of your breath? Yeah. Easily refresh your mouth by popping in a piece of gum or gargling some mouthwash to ensure you have a fresh tasting and smelling mouth. Also, TIC TACS.

Hand sanitizer and lotion

From start to finish, your hands are part of the entire smoking process which means your hands will be left with a lingering scent that will be easily sniffed out by others. We recommend washing your hands, or using hand sanitizer. The good news is, thanks to our friend COVID, we all should be well seasoned in hand washing. Here is a refresher, just in case: 


See- now we aren’t spreading scents or germs!

Cologne, body spray

If you're going to partake in smoking the devil's lettuce, cologne or body spray is an absolute must when it comes to masking the scent. Unless you're hotboxing with your Hot Box, this will be a key factor in helping you stay undetected.


September 15, 2022 — Grace Cole

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