Avid sports enthusiasts and outdoors-people alike can all come together during winter! ☃ The sleek, stark white snow-covered mountains and crystal clear ice can excite many athletes to go out for a chilly day skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, or any sport that allows you to enjoy the snow and ice. 

Whether you’re traveling far or planning your outing locally, preparing for your winter retreats can be challenging, especially if you plan on carrying your gear everywhere with you. Luckily, our collection of Dime Bags can cater to these needs and more. Here’s our best selection of Dime Bags essentials for winter sports.

The Best Bags for Winter Sports
The Transporter | Smell Proof and Lockable Backpack

The Transporter comes with numerous benefits for the snow enthusiast. This smell-proof backpack is made with a water-resistant material, making it easy to avoid precious items from getting soaked. The activated carbon technology keeps your stuff smell-proof to help you stay discreet during your time on the slopes. Cause no one wants to smell your sweaty socks (or whatever else you might be bringing along). 😉

For those who enjoy more public adventures such as ski resorts, the Transporter comes with a uniquely keyed lock that protects your goods while out. Don’t let any sticky fingers take your valuables! You can travel with your favorite flower knowing that no one can smell it, or steal it. Now you can chill out at the lodge and relax. 

Smell Proof Backpack, Locking Backpack
The Slinger | Convenient Crossbody Bag 
Compact, resourceful, and functional, the Slinger crossbody bag makes life super easy and shredder gnar a breeze. The Slinger comes in water resistant color options to keep your precious items safe from the cold and wet weather. Its smooth design makes it highly capable of easy wear during any skiing and snowboarding trip. Simply sling the bag around to access your goods. With this bag, you can keep your phone handy for you in the front pocket without the risk of exposure. 

The Slinger also comes with numerous color options, making it a highly fashionable accessory on the slopes whether you want a pop of color or to stay under-the-radar. The adjustable strap and comfortable design make this bag super functional for even your most active adventures. 

Crossbody Bag, Water Resistant Crossbody, Shoulder Bag
The Don | Smell Proof Crossbody

Uniquely designed to be compact and sleek, the Don presents a highly stylish bag capable of handling even your most adventurous outings. The Don is made with a water resistant, carbon lined material, and this crossbody bag can be swung forward with one simple strap to make access to your essentials easy. The Don presents multiple pockets for easy storage and is considered an excellent choice for those always on the go. It is available in three discrete colors- Black, Camo, and Green, making it both gender neutral and highly adjustable for any occasion. 

The Don is a popular bag among hikers, skateboarders, and street style fanatics alike. This 100% smell proof crossbody is a fan favorite and won’t disappoint you when you hit the slopes. 

Smell proof bag, smell proof crossbody
Puff Pack | Water Resistant Fanny Pack

The Puff Pack is our sleek waist bag - PERFECT for the hikers and adventure lovers who need that extra protection with our water resistant fabric. We turned the concept of a fanny pack into a fashionable bag that makes accessing your most valuable items easy and hands-free. The Puff Pack is a perfect waist bag for any boarder because of its water resistant material and comfortable design. Its small size makes it an excellent choice for those who wish to travel light while out in the snow. As a bonus, it comes with a secret pocket for any small items you wish to keep with you while out on your adventures. 🍃

Small Fanny Pack, Water Resistant Bag
We love supporting our Dime Bags community in all of their passions! We want to see you do what you love with Dime Bags by your side. Snap some pictures next time you’re on the mountain, rink, or doing whatever you like to do in the winter! If you tag us @DimeBags, we’ll see your post and you could have the chance of being reposted on our feed.
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