Every so often we here at Dime Bag like to stoke our own pipe and talk a little bit about what you, our beloved customer base, really love about the products we offer.  In this instance, we’re picking the absolute most popular item in our collection, the Padded Pouch. As many of you are probably already aware the padded pouch comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from the 5-in mini to the 10-in bag for those who believe it’s all about going big or going home.  If you’ve yet to invest in one of the incredible accessories, then its time to read up and learn what you’re missing out on. The General Padded Pouch Being four different sizes of the same design of bag, you better believe they have a lot in common.  So rather than repeat ourselves four times we’re going to cover the basics here. The padded pouches are all made from our custom hemp/polyester blend we affectionately refer to as hempster.  Incredibly durable, earth-friendly, and made from pure hemp mixed with recycled polyester. This blend was specifically formulated to make our fabric easier to work with. It’s also able to be more vibrantly colored, and we only use recycled, so we keep some of the tons of polyester that’s created and thrown away each year our of the landfills. The interior of our padded pouches are, you guessed it, padded to keep your favorite glass piece from shattering in an unfortunate hemp-related incident.  Even better the interior lining is made of shed-proof velour, so you don’t end up accidentally smoking hemp while protecting all of your paraphernalia while you’re on the go.  (We know, we love that word too, and no, we don’t know why the r isn’t pronounced). To make sure it stays with you while you’re on the go its been supplied with an all-important travel-loop that can be attached to any purse or bag, while the heavy-duty zipper ensures a solid seal that will keep your stuff secure.  As with all of our products, it comes with a velcro logo that you can swap out for something less conspicuous if the fuzz is being a problem.

10" Padded Pouch So What Makes The Different Sizes Different? Honestly? You hit it right on the head.  They’re all different sizes, and there’s sure to be one that fits your toteable needs.  All of them come with a clear stash smell-proof baggie that can keep your stash discreet and easy to transport.  Other than that it’s just a matter of size, which you better believe matters. If you’re looking for a perfectly portable on-the-go bag for this summer's ganja fueled adventures, its time to invest in the padded pouch.  There’s nothing that harshes your buzz like finally making it to that peak only to find out your favorite glass has cracked on the climb. With the padded pouch, all of you will make it safe, and in one piece, pipe and stash included.

September 24, 2019 — Belinda Warren

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