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Do you love the padded pouch but sometimes wish you could fit even more in it? Well we’ve got the perfect bag for you. Introducing the Pod, it’s a semi-hard, padded case that comes in three sizes and five different colors per size. Depending on what you need to transport, we’ve got the perfect travel case for you in your favorite Hempster and Water Resistant colors.

We think that every Dime Bag fan on the planet will end up with a pod for one reason or another. But if you’re looking to find out more about each size and what you could store in it, let us give you a few ideas on what you could use your Pod for. 

Compact But Mighty, the 5” Pod

The 5” Pod is perfect for a couple of doob tubes, a 4” bowl, a one-hitter, lighter, lipstick, or earbuds. Really there’s no limit to what this little pod can hold, as long as it would be under a certain size. 😉  Keep your breakables in the pod and then toss that pod in your new Fanny Pack or clip it on to your belt loop. With a little bit of netting, some padded valor, and your choice of a Hempster or Water Resistant material your smallest piece will be kept safe while keeping you stylish. 

Pod 5" | Small Travel Case | Smoker Travel Case

Small Yet Efficient, the 6” Pod

The 6” Pod provides two compartments for your valuables, one flat compartment with an elastic band that is perfect for dab accessories, makeup tools or eyeliner, anything that is round and could use a bit more security during travel. The deeper compartment of the 6” has net security and enough depth to place your lighter, wax jar, thicker makeup items, or a slightly larger bowl. You could even organize a few pieces of jewelry in the netting or pack a few nail polishes for a vacation. The 6” Pod has plenty of different ways you can use it, from fans of flower, to dabbers, and even a variety of beauty products, this padded travel case will be great for anyone. And don’t forget about the convenient clip on the exterior, meaning you can secure it wherever you need your things.

Pod 6 In | Travel Case | Protective Travel Case | Smoker Case | Travel Smoke Case

A Travel Bag for Anything, the 7” Pod 

The 7” Pod certainly has the most bells and whistles as the largest of the new three bags. The low profile compartment on the bottom of the 7” has a zippered compartment, two large elastic pockets, and two small elastic compartments perfect for small circular items. The deeper compartment has plenty of room along with three netted areas for security.  This larger Pod also has a handle that perfectly hugs your hand and palm, while featuring a carabiner loop on the opposite side of the clip. Meaning there are multiple ways to carry the 7” Pod making it a perfect padded travel case. 

Pod 7" | Travel Case | Compact Travel Case | Smokers Case | Dabbers Travel Case | Tobacco Travel Case | Cigar Case | Pipe Case | Makeup Case

The largest Pod can store an incredible amount of anything as well. Our dabbers will love the security and space for all their tools, two wax jars, torch, and smaller rig. Fans of Flower have plenty of room for securing two bowls in the netting, a ¼ of your favorite sticky, rolling papers, a lighter and a grinder. For the makeup artists out there, you can fit the majority of your go-to products between both the deep and flat compartments. From lipsticks, eye liner, mascara, smaller color pallets, blush, foundation, and even a travel size makeup remover, you have the perfect compact travel case for any occasion. 

No matter what you smoke, from vapers to tobacco enthusiasts, you'll find the Pod incredibly useful. Vapers will love the protection this case offers while providing pockets for extra pods, batteries, and charging cable. Old school, loose leaf tobacco pipe smokers can carry their pipe, tapper, matches, and a few small tins of there favorite brand. Cigar smokers can travel with their cutters, torch, humidification pouch, and a few Robostos in one convenient travel case. Whatever your smoke preference is, the Pod will keep them safe during transport.

If you love our padded pouches but are looking for something with a bit more interior space and more compact as far as size, but still looking for the sense of security you get with our padded bags, you’re going to go crazy for the Pods. They launch October, 30th at noon MT on DimeBags.com and will be available in stores around the nation soon. 



October 28, 2020 — Jacki Stewart

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