We are beyond STOKED to announce our colorful collaboration with Ellie Paisley, a Technicolor Artist known for her use of vibrant color palettes, pro-cannabis support, as well as her involvement in the art and music festival community. We’ve teamed up with Ellie to create a beautiful, limited edition collection that is adorned with her psychedelic art and we know you’re going to LOVE it! 🎨

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Our Dime Bags X Ellie Paisley line consists of two bags, four pins, and four patches, which are crafted with her inspiring style, lively colors, and unique artwork. The limited-edition line has only 420 bags in existence, so don’t wait to order because these babies are going to go fast! 🌈 Dime Bags X Ellie Paisley Collab Hot Box

Paisley is well known for her use of vivid colors, finding inspiration while listening to live music, and empowering the feminine body in her artwork. She has been working within the cannabis movement since 2011, when she became one of the youngest volunteers within NORML to start their own chapter. She has even painted live for big name artists like The Wu-Tang Clan, Ice Cube, and John Mayer!

It was an easy decision for us to work with a woman of her talent and mindset. With so many values in common, we were able to design the most unique, feminine products to hit our brand yet and we cannot wait to share them with you!✨

Ellie Paisley with Dime Bags Hot Box

“I wanted to create something that would easily speak to both Dime Bags and my own followers,” stated Paisley on the collaboration. “Crafting an interior lining print that used my iconic technicolor paisley, vibrant flowers and hearts, colorful little honeybees, and my now-iconic ‘Eyenapple’ was not only fun to do but exhilarating to see in Dime Bags popular Hot Box.”

- Ellie Paisley 

Falling in love with Dime Bags has never been easier! Say hello to the stylish, and completely unique Ellie Paisley Hot Box, featuring a brand new Hot Box color, magenta, and our top-selling Hempster yellow. These dope bags are lined with a satin interior print of Ellie Paisley’s artwork. 😍

Ellie Paisley Art for Dime Bags

BEE sure to collect the whole set of Ellie Paisley pins - the BEEutiful queen honey bee, melting rainbow Heart, a Fangled Flower, and the Eyenapple - so you can add some extra pizzazz to the exterior of your bag! The same designs will also be on our removable, customizable label patches that are offered on each Dime Bag design. 🐝 
This exciting collection brings style, conscience, and personality to life! Get the whole shebang AND a free signed poster by the artist herself, Ellie Paisley, when you order the Complete Set. Only ten release sets are available, you know you want one. Follow Ellie on her technicolor adventures on Instagram and shop her available paintings and prints here. 😘

 Ellie Paisley Dime Bags Pins

Shop Ellie Paisley Dime Bags Collection
March 03, 2021 — Jacki Stewart

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