In a world where cannabis is increasingly embraced for its medicinal and recreational benefits, the need for clever and discreet storage solutions has become more crucial than ever. Whether you're navigating the challenges of privacy or simply seeking a secure and inconspicuous way to store your stash, we’ve got 13 creative places to stash your stash.

13 Best Places to Hide Weed

1. Inside a Hollowed Out Book

Everyone has always wanted a hollowed out book that they can effortlessly pull from their bookshelf and dazzle their guests with. You can find a host of hollowed out books on the web or you can make one.

If you are feeling particularly crafty and want to give making your own a try, here’s the low-down:

Step 1: Select a book that blends seamlessly in with its surroundings - think on a bookshelf or stack. 

Step 2: Open the book and, leaving a few pages at the beginning and the end intact, carefully use a craft knife to cut along the inside, creating a rectangular storage space. 

Step 3: Remove the cut pages, ensuring a tidy hollow space. 

Step 4: Apply some glue along the cut edges and let dry.

Bam, now you have a discreet and camouflaged hiding spot for your stash. Word to the wise- if you want to keep the spot discreet, choose a book that will blend seamlessly into your library. For example, Glenn Beck stands out like a sore thumb against actual authors.

2. In an Old Prescription Bottle or Film Roll

Fight climate change by repurposing old prescription bottles or film rolls to hide your weed. These containers offer airtight and light-proof storage, preserving your stash while maintaining a low-profile appearance. 

The airtight seal of these containers not only preserves the freshness of your stash but also prevents smells from escaping. With its compact size and familiar appearance, an old prescription bottle or film roll becomes a portable and subtle storage solution for those looking to hide their weed. 

3. Behind a Picture Frame

Did you know you can make people think you are exponentially more cultured than you actually are while simultaneously hiding your ‘ish. Concealing your cannabis behind a picture frame, gives you the opportunity to combine aesthetics with utility in a way that’s sure to impress your (only)fans. 

Step 1: Select a frame.

Step 2:  Remove the backing and any existing stock photos, leaving only the frame. 

Step 3: Cut a piece of cardboard or foam board to fit snugly inside the frame to create your hidden compartment. 

Step 4: Attach the chosen material securely, and then carefully place your cannabis behind it. Ensure the backing fits well back into the frame without any noticeable gaps. 

With your weed hidden behind a picture frame, not only do you add a layer of discretion to your storage, but you also integrate your stash seamlessly into your living space. Now that is sophistication. 

4. In a False-Bottom Drawer

For those of you who want to go the extra mile when it comes to hiding your cannabis, try installing a false-bottom drawer. This discreet space adds an extra layer of privacy to your storage options. 

Measure the interior dimensions of your drawer, and cut a piece of wood to fit PRECISELY within the drawer. Attach this piece to the bottom of the drawer, leaving a small, subtle gap to act as the false bottom. 

5. Inside a Hollowed Out Marker or Highlighter

Transforming a marker or highlighter into a stealthy cannabis hiding spot is both practical, pretty Tony Stark-esque and almost too easy. The hardest part about hollowing out a marker or highlighter may be picking the color.

Step 1: Select a marker or highlighter with a removable cap and a solid, cylindrical body.  

Step 2: Carefully remove the cap and dismantle the marker, exposing its ink reservoir. 

Step 3: Hollow out the interior, removing the ink reservoir while leaving the outer shell intact. 

Step 4: Insert cannabis. 

The capped end provides a seamless cover, making it nearly indistinguishable from a regular writing tool. This DIY concealment method not only offers a clever way to keep your cannabis concealed but also allows for easy portability, blending effortlessly into everyday settings.

6. Toilet Tank

Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. And honestly, there’s good chance you’ll get judge if you just casually keep your cannabis in the shitter. That being said, concealing your cannabis stash in a toilet tank may be the only viable option you have. 

Before dropping your stash in the tank, you will want to make sure it is in a water-tight container or bag. Once you are confident that your stash will survive water, drop it in the tank and re-attach the lid. 

This unconventional hiding spot takes advantage of an area rarely inspected by others, providing both camouflage and accessibility. Just make sure not to use a quality bar or jar before your weed takes the plunge.

7. Indoor or Outdoor Plant Containers

Utilize the natural camouflage of indoor or outdoor plant containers to discreetly hide your weed. Only a genius would hide their weed with the weeds, right? Not to mention it doesn’t get much more environmentally friendly than that.

Select a container with plenty of space for your stash without affecting the plant's health. Begin by placing your cannabis within a sealed, odor-proof bag or container and nestle the container amidst the soil.

8. In a Lock Box or Safe

For a more conventional yet highly secure approach, invest in a lock box or safe. This method not only safeguards your stash from unauthorized access but also allows for organized and controlled storage. Whether hidden in a closet or discreetly placed within your home, a lock box or safe provides a reliable and secure solution for concealing your cannabis.

9. Bury It

For those seeking to play pirate, burying your weed offers a clandestine solution that harks back to a time-honored tradition of hidden treasures. You can even say “ARRRR” when you dig it up. 

Find a secluded location, preferably on private property, and choose a container that's both waterproof and airtight. Place your cannabis inside the container and bury it. But now you have to remember where.

Thanks to the internet superhighway, you can easily drop a pin in the location so you don’t forget where you buried it. Alternatively, you can choose a spot that is near a landmark or try your hand at good ol’ fashioned cartography (that’s map making, gosh).

10. Underneath Your Spare Tire

For those on the move, the spare tire compartment can be an ingenious hiding spot for your cannabis stash. Lift the trunk or hatch of your vehicle and locate the spare tire well. Place your securely sealed cannabis container beneath the spare tire, ensuring it's well-concealed and won't shift during travel. 

This method is not only discreet but also highly portable, making it an ideal solution for those who frequently find themselves on the road. Just remember to keep your spare tire well-inflated and in good condition to avoid unnecessary attention during routine vehicle checks.

11. Diversion Safes

You know those fake soda cans and cleaning products you see in your favorite smoke shop? That’s a ‘Diversion Safe’. In the realm of covert concealment, the use of diversion safes emerges as a masterstroke. 

To hide your weed in a diversion safe, choose one that is something you would actually have anyways. Open the safe, place your cannabis inside a sealed bag or container to prevent any odors, and then secure it back in its designated spot. 

Whether it's a faux electrical outlet or a disguised can of soda, diversion safes offer a dual advantage: they keep your stash secure while diverting attention away from its true contents.

12. Keep It On You

When in doubt, keep it on your person. If you're worried about the smell of weed, invest in discreet and smell-proof bags to ensure your cannabis stays close and inconspicuous. 

13. In a Smell-Proof Bag

When it comes to discreetly stashing your weed, utilizing a smell-proof bag is a tried and true method that doesn’t need power tools, a shovel or a pirate costume. These specialized bags are crafted with cannabis users in mind and materials that are designed to contain and neutralize the distinct aroma of cannabis.

Moreover, these bags often come in various sizes, offering versatility and convenience. By choosing a smell-proof bag, you not only prioritize responsible and discreet cannabis use but also ensure that your personal space remains free from unwanted odors because nobody likes an inconsiderate butthead.

Tips for Hiding Weed

Store It Properly

One of the cardinal rules for discreetly hiding your weed is to invest in proper storage solutions. Airtight containers, smell-proof bags, or specially designed stash boxes help maintain the freshness and potency of your cannabis while minimizing the risk of any telltale odors escaping. Proper storage not only ensures the longevity of your stash but also contributes to responsible and organized cannabis use.

Keep It Out of Reach of Children and Pets

Safety is paramount when it comes to hiding your cannabis. Always choose storage locations that are inaccessible to children and pets. Opt for elevated or locked storage solutions to prevent accidental discovery. Being mindful of your environment and the potential curiosity of those around you ensures a responsible approach to concealing your buds.

Don’t Forget Where You Put It

While it might seem like a no-brainer, it's surprisingly easy to forget where you've hidden your stash, especially if you've adopted multiple hiding spots. And maybe you were high when hiding it. Create a mental or physical map, jot down notes, or take pictures of your chosen locations. This simple practice ensures that when you're ready to indulge, your cannabis is easily retrievable, saving you from unnecessary stress and potential embarrassment.

Maintain Low Quantities

Striking a balance is key when it comes to storing cannabis discreetly. Avoid stockpiling large quantities, as this not only increases the risk of discovery but may also attract unwanted attention. Keeping lower quantities not only ensures responsible use but also reduces potential consequences in the event that your stash is accidentally stumbled upon. Remember, discretion often thrives in moderation, making it easier to manage and conceal your cannabis effectively.

In the fine art of concealing cannabis, the key lies in a delicate balance of creativity, responsibility, and discretion. By exploring various hiding spots and employing thoughtful storage methods, you can seamlessly integrate your stash into your surroundings while maintaining a commitment to safety and privacy. 

Whether it's utilizing smell-proof bags, investing in diversion safes, or cleverly repurposing everyday items, the goal is to strike a harmonious balance between accessibility and concealment. Ultimately, there is no "perfect place"; the key is to prioritize safety, respect your living environment, and exercise sound judgment in finding the perfect hiding spot that aligns with your lifestyle and values.

April 15, 2024 — Amber Sparks

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