Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gifts

It’s that time of the year again, the season to celebrate mamas! Well, you should ALWAYS celebrate your mom, but now is the time to really show her that you care. Get Mom a new wristlet for every day, or a smell proof bag with a childproof lock for those LONG days when Mom needs a break. C’mon, moms deserves it! 💐

We’ve compiled a collection of bags to make your Mother’s Day shopping as easy as pie. Our Mother’s Day collection has everything the mom in your life will need, from elevated “mom bags”, to child-proof locking stash holders. Get your mama what she really wants for Mother’s Day. 💚

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The Everyday Bag - The Urban Tote

It’s not your average mom bag, the Urban Tote is a COOL mom bag. This tote bag is a go-to for any lifestyle. From weekend trips, to farmers markets, the Urban Tote makes carrying your goods convenient and stylish. 

This bag has eight pockets, so no worrying about losing your phone or keys at the bottom of your purse! You can either sport the Urban Tote as a crossbody or a handbag with the adjustable shoulder straps. New moms and experienced moms alike can enjoy the many features of the Urban Tote. 👜

The Urban Tote

Smell Proof AND Child Proof - The Boss With Lock

This year, instead of flowers, get her a bag for her favorite kind of flower. 😉 The Boss With Lock is a smell proof padded pouch that’s PACKED with protection. Whether she’s carrying around her glass or grass, she can ensure that her belongings are discreet and unreachable by children.

Coming in 3 low-key colors and 4 size options, The Omerta Boss With Lock will keep your ish styling and quiet. You can easily throw your Boss in your purse or backpack without worrying about anything breaking inside. Have curious kids? Well, don’t fret, you can keep your goodies locked tight with the child proof, three-digit combination that keeps your zipper shut! 🔒

The Omerta Boss With Lock

Travel Light - The Wristlet 

Does the mom in your life prefer to travel light? The Wristlet is a great option for her! There’s no need to carry around a big purse when you have The Wristlet. This fun-sized wallet has enough space for cash, cards, a phone, and chapstick. Your mom can carry all her essentials, without the bulk. 💳

The Wristlet will keep all your moms stuff together. Did we mention it’s RFID secure? Make sure your mama is protected from scammers, in style. 😎

The Wristlet

Cute Mini Backpack - The Festy Bound 

The Festy Bound is perfect for the badass mom on-the-go. She can conveniently be hands-free when wrangling her kids around the park, or carrying ALL the grocery bags inside at once. She's going to love the unique color options, but most of all, she will appreciate how this cute pack keeps all her goods organized. 🎒

It’s mini, but mighty. Don’t underestimate the amount of stuff that you can fit in the Festy Bound. Is the mom in your life trying to be more hush-hush? Or maybe she prefers more discreet colors? Get her the Mini Molly, our smell proof mini backpack, it’s easy on the eyes, but even easier on the nose. 

Festy Bound Mini Backpack

Convenient Travel Case - The Pod

For the moms who like to keep their “special gear” all organized, look no further than the Pod. This travel case is perfect for securing your goods and giving them the protection you need. The Pod is also a great travel case for makeup or jewelry! With a variety of compartments, your mom can organize her ish without a hitch! 💄

There are 3 different sizes, depending on what she wants to store. Whichever size she gets, it’s easy to just throw the Pod in a purse or clip in on the outside of another bag. The opportunities are endless, and she's going to love it. 

The Pod Travel Case

Still don’t know what the perfect Mother’s Day gift is? Well, we made it even easier for you and curated a collection of goodies that any mom would love. Whether you’re buying Mother’s Day gifts for your mom, grandma, daughter, or wife, you can guarantee that there’s a Dime Bag she’ll love. Make this a Mother’s Day that they’ll remember forever!

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