We at Dime Bags wish all our horror fans a gruesome Friday the 13th today! In honor of the spookiest non-holiday day of the year, we decided to get a little scary with our blog this week! Let us present to you what Dime Bag your favorite Slasher would be sporting and why. Have a different idea of what one of these big five’s would wear? Be sure to let us know down in the comments, and we hope you have a bloody good weekend! 🩸

Slasher characters favorite Dime Bags

PS -- every bag featured here is our dope new Water-Resistant fabric, which will be known as Splatter-Resistant for the rest of the blog, for like, reasons, obviously. 😉

Jason Vorhees and the Crimson Slinger

It’s only right to feature Jason first today, as it is his favorite day, Friday the 13th. The killer of Camp Crystal Lake would need a bag that would stay out of the way while slaying camp counselors, not get bloodstains on it, and organize his favorite weapons with ease. One bag comes to mind for the mama’s boy of today’s list and that’s the splatter-resistant Slinger in Crimson. You may be asking why we would assign bright-ass Crimson to our dark neutral color boy? Well, our hockey mask killer is known for his blood splatter, and as we all know, red won’t show what a bloody crime scene Jason leaves behind. 

The Slinger is big enough to toss a few weapons into but what makes it a killer shoulder bag is the ability to sling it from the back and front of your body at a moment’s notice. Jason is known for his clever kills, and although he loves a good machete or axe, this man is quick-witted, finding unique ways to kill throughout 12 different films. One could only wonder what this man could accomplish if he could equip himself throughout the day with different items to maim and murder with! The Slinger provides loads of organizational space keeping him cool and collected in the heat of the moment, while the compact bag stays out of the way during a chase.

Jason Water Resistant Sling Bag

Michael Myers and the Blue Puff Pack 

Moving on to the OG Slasher, who has no reason behind his actions aside from the fact that he’s PURE EVIL, lil’ Mikey Myers go to Dime Bag would be our splatter-resistant Puff Pack fanny pack. Its sleek, long, and single large compartment would easily fit his favorite kitchen knife.

Giving Michael Myers a fanny pack instead of a regular bag frees him up for his nightly roaming and lets him focus on the task at hand, stalking babysitters. Being Haddonfield’s #1 killer can be messy though, so we know he’d appreciate the splatter-resistant Puff Pack for his nightly crusades, making clean-up easier than carving a pumpkin. Between the Black, Red, and Blue, we think he’d dig on the Puff Blue the most, as it would match his jumper he stole from the gas station attendant all the way back in 1978. Of course, all Dime Bags are durable and long-lasting, but as he’s our oldest killer on the list, he definitely needs something that’s going to last forever, and we know the Puff Pack can make the distance. 

Dime Bags Fanny Pack on Michael Myers

Freddy Krueger and the Green Mini Molly

Taking us into the ’80s, our Dreamboat Freddy Krueger would need something cute, compact, and stylish, I mean, he loves hanging out with the youths of today, so we think he’d be rocking out with the smell proof green Mini Molly from our Omerta collection. 

Fred needs to keep his belongings a secret, and while any of our Omerta line would keep him discreet, the Mini Molly gives him just enough room to stash away those finger-knives when they aren’t in use. Not to mention, that claw is 40+ years old now, they must be ranky as fuck, so having his bag be smell proof, is a plus in this scenario. Freddy is known for his red and green costume choice, so the splatter-resistant army green would match his Christmas sweater perfectly. The killer on Elm Street has always been known for his questionable style choices, but at least with the Mini Molly, he can double his confidence with his accessory choices. 

Smell Proof Mini Backpack on Freddy Krueger

Charles Lee Ray, AKA Chucky, and the Cobalt Club Kid

Finding a bag for a killer trapped in a life-size child’s toy could be considered a difficult task. I mean Chucky the doll is no taller than an adult’s leg, yet he still has a kill count that ranks high among the slasher genre (#4 after Jason, Michael, and Jigsaw). What could fit his needs AND his size? Enter the durable, splatter-resistant Club Kid in cobalt. The dark blue with electric green stitching would match his 80s overalls while the compact size would keep him from tripping and losing his edge against his prey. 

For Chucky being a toy, he sure does seem to have infinite pocket space and the ability to just hold about anything and all of the things. But if he DID need a bag to carry the Heart of Damballa (his amulet that lets him transfer his soul into dolls/Andy), a few stolen credit cards, and a camera for blackmail, because that’s just the kind of guy he is, the Club Kid would give him plenty of storage and organization. The front of this mini backpack has 4 card slots, while the inside has organizational pockets to keep everything from brushing up against each other, making sure that amulet stays scratch-free and safe. No matter if he’s on a cross country road trip, or scaling rides at an abandoned amusement park, Chucky can keep his goods safe while staying handsfree.

Dime Bags Mini Backpack for Chucky

Ghostface and the Black Don 

Ghostface is a killer of the new Millennium and that comes with some problems of its own. They have to threaten people on the phone, they need to disguise their voice, carry their costume, mask, and hunting knife with them while still looking discreet and like your average everyday teenager. What bag could possibly help them with all that sneaking around while being in plain sight? The smell proof, black Don of course! 

This shoulder sling bag is perfect for an everyday bag that can double as part of their incognito disguise. They need to be ready to dawn that Five and Dime costume at a moment’s notice, or call Sydney to phone stalk her, or prepare to murder some side character we were just beginning to love! It’s a busy gig being the killer of Woodsboro, not to mention they need to hold onto a burner phone with a voice disguising app AND phone blocker to put to good use when possible. They've got to keep those victims scared AND hopeless. The Don has 9 compartments to organize all those killer goodies and is smell proof to keep that stanky costume from wreaking and giving him away. It’s also compact and kept close enough to your body that it can EASILY be hidden underneath the costume when wearing it. For the killer whose heart belongs to Sid, the Don is the best Dime Bag for their plans and plot.

Smell Proof Sling Bag on Ghostface

So what Dime Bag would YOUR favorite killer be sporting? Did we miss a big name that we should have included? Curious about what Jigsaw or Pinhead may wear? Drop a comment below and let us know your thoughts! Are you getting into any fun shenanigans this weekend with your Dime Bag? Be sure to tag us up and post about it on Instagram.

August 10, 2021 — Jacki Stewart

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