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Turning Trauma into Triumph by Promoting Police Transparency & Mental Health at College Campuses

New Patch With A Purpose Mama Brown

Mama Brown

Dannielle “Mama” Brown is a strong and dedicated Black mother who turned trauma into triumph! After suffering the tragic loss of her son Marquis Jaylen Brown and the mishandling of his death by his university and the campus police, Dannielle took action. She drove from Washington D.C. to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her rocking chair, sat, and began her peaceful protest in the form of a hunger strike. She sometimes sat and protested outside of the university but frequently rocked in her chair at “Freedom Corner”, an area nearby, utilized by the Black Community for protests and community actions.

Dannielle did this with the hopes of reforming university and campus police policies so that no other mother or student would ever suffer like her and her son again. For 237 days, Ms. Brown consumed no solid foods, proteins, meal replacements, or life-sustaining nutrients as she fought for students’ and parents’ rights while mourning the loss of her son.

Mama Brown Organization

From her loving dedication, powerful words, and strong actions, people began supporting her fight. Momentum and support were built from the community, and a foundation was born. The Marquis Jaylen Brown foundation was created by the unstoppable love of a mother demanding justice for her son. It stands on the principle of Trauma to Triumph; the voices of those who have faced injustice and tragedy are now empowered to create lasting change. The MJB Foundation is a collaboration of parents, students, and community members who work together to ensure the safety of students on college campuses across the nation. It motivates universities to be transparent on all fronts and works to improve the way that injustices on campus are handled.

The foundation strives to promote the voices of mothers and students in the pursuit of transparency, accountability, and safety on school campuses. They are fueled by love and dedicated to empowering the voices of mothers and students as they revolutionize campuses nationwide.

Show your support of the Marquis Jaylen Brown Foundation by purchasing the new Patch for a Purpose, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and spread the word when people ask you about your rocking chair patch. 

Mama Brown Patch


August 12, 2021 — Jacki Stewart

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