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HEYO, did you know that June 20th was Global Rick and Morty Day? Wendy’s have been turned into Morty’s, a traveling Rick Mobile took the nation by storm before Covid in 2020, and Adult Swim even debuted a GO RICK YOURSELF avatar program in lieu of the incredibly popular show coming back for season 5. Rick and Morty is arguably one of the best shows to watch when enjoying your favorite strain, with different strains perfect for different episodes! But if Rick and Morty lived in our dimension, some of the best characters would definitely be sporting a Dime Bag. 

So without further ado, let’s take a trip through the multiverse and see which Dime Bags some of our favorite characters would be wearing on their adventures. 🌌

And awayyyyy we go! 

Rick and morty adult swim

Rick Sanchez and the easy access Slinger

As we all know, Rick Sanchez is the protagonist of the show, a misanthropic alcoholic scientist and Morty’s Grandpa. 🧪 Although he is the smartest man in the multiverse, he’s also known for his reckless, pessimistic personality and high-functioning drunkenness. Because of that wicked combination, Rick would love the handiness of The Slinger

This cross-body sling bag has ample space for his portal gun, laser gun, and an accessible front pocket for his flask. The Slinger can easily be shifted from the front to the back of his body, making it ideal for quickly grabbing his tools, vials, and keys to the spaceship. We think our Sand color would totally fit Rick’s style when he’s partying with aliens, killing hitmen, or traumatizing his family members. Rick’s Slinger would be adorned with the DB Soda Patch, a.k.a a beer can, because… well duh, he’s a functioning alcoholic.🍺

Morty Smith and the Water Resistant Backpack

Our secondary protagonist, Morty Smith, is an anxious 14-year old boy who frequently misses school to go on adventures with his grandpa, Rick. Morty is kind, but easily distressed and known for his awkward, second-guessing personality. He plays as the naïve but good-natured counterpart to his drunk, mad scientist grandpa, and resembles another time traveler that goes by the name of Marty… 👀

Morty would definitely be carrying a Dime Bags Backpack since he is often taken out of school to go travel the multiverse. During their adventures, Morty is often put into traumatic, messy experiences so the Water Resistant Stone would be perfect for him to keep his stuff protected from whatever funky substances or alien blood he might encounter. Easy to keep clean and loads of compartments, this bag is perfect for the anxious sidekick. Morty would also accessorize his bag with the Middle Finger patch, as he says some rendition of F*ck You to many members of his family and even the President of the United States sometimes. 🔫

Rick and Morty Bags

Birdperson and the sporty Puff Pack

A secondary character often seen in the first two seasons, Birdperson is a tall humanoid with bird features and a long-time friend of Rick’s. He is a wise character, a trait often unseen in the show, having experienced a lot of the multiverse while traveling with Rick and he often shares his wisdom with Morty. He’s a chill dude, with a monotone voice, and few expressions. 

As an active war hero, Birdperson’s go to Dime Bag would have to be a Puff Pack. This water resistant sports fanny pack is convenient and thin making take off and sky time easy and hands free! Birdperson would personalize his Puff Pack with the Buddha Patch to reflect his calm mental state and patience with the Sanches/Smith family. 🦅

Beth and the cool Urban Tote

Beth Smith is Rick’s daughter and Morty and Summers’ mom. She takes after her father in many ways, being smart, nihilistic, and clever, while also caring deeply for her family even if that includes the pathetic Jerry. 

Beth’s perfect Dime Bag would be the Urban Tote. It’s kinda like the coolest mom bag ever? This spacious and convenient tote has 8 pockets to fit all of Beth’s things. A talking dagger, portal rainbow chalk, or surgeon tools could all easily fit and be perfectly organized. And of course, she would customize it with a Unicorn patch since she is a horse doctor after all… 🦄

Rick and Morty Episodes

Summer Smith and the trending Hot Box

A secondary character working her way up to a main character, Summer Smith is Morty’s 17-year-old older sister, known for her clever and humorous personality. Summer began as a typical American teenager, attached to her phone and always browsing social media. 🤳 However, recently she has begun to show jealousy towards her grandpa Rick and Morty’s relationships.

As her desire to become more involved with the adventurous duo grows, Summer would need a cute bag that would keep her needed essentials. Of course she’d need room for some makeup, her cell phone, and maybe even a cute top with her at all times. Suffice to say, Summer would have seen The Hot Box trending on social media and immediately snatched that bag up in the cute Yellow hempster. This mini backpack would be perfect for carrying her adventure necessities while traveling the multiverse, it’s both stylish and functional with multiple ways to wear and carry. And since Summer is so trendy and stylish, she’d also customize it with some of our cutest accessories, the Ellie Paisley collab pins

Rick and Morty Pictures


Unity and the colorful All-In-One

A hivemind and Rick’s ex-lover, Unity can take the form of multiple races, species, and genders. Unity is known for her unique ability to continue a conversation through its many citizens- switching between different avatars mid-conversation, and her tragic love story with Rick. Her hivemind ability comes in handy with Rick’s many, shall we say, creative desires.

Since Unity can compel a variety of different host bodies, their perfect Dime Bag would be the All-In-One. The All-In-One comes in 19 unique colors, so Unity could have a different color for every body they possess. The perfect patch for Unity would be the Ellie Paisley BEEutiful Patch since she is a Hivemind and queen of all her busy worker bees. 🐝 The bee on this patch also has a rainbow body to reflect all of Unity’s different colors and forms, it’s the perfect match!

Rick and Morty Bong

You can catch up on the first four seasons of Rick and Morty on Adult Swim or Hulu! Season 5 is premiering right now on Sunday nights on Adult Swim and is usually available on their app and YouTube shortly after. Don’t be a Jerry, let us know who your favorite Rick and Morty character is in the comments and what Dime Bag you think they would be wearing! 🚀

July 02, 2021 — Jacki Stewart

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