Your Perfect Fall Bucket List

Fall Bucket List Activities

Fall rules. Whether you look forward to getting chased by chainsaws at a haunted house or hanging out with your favorite cousin pre-Thanksgiving feast (if ya know, ya know), autumn is arguable the best time of year. As we roll into fall, here are our best picks of things to do to keep you basking in seasonal glory, complete with a bag for every adventure. With autumn just around the corner, we here at Dime Bags thought we'd drop you a selection of ideas to get the season started on the right foot! Below you'll find some of our favorite Fall Activities we share with our friends and family this time of year. If you’re looking for the perfect bag to accompany you on your favorite fall activity, we’ve got the perfect collection crafted for you. 

Autumnal Nature Hikes 

Simply one of the most dazzling parts of fall is the bounty of colors that can be found in the leaves that drift slowly to the ground throughout the season. Both in the branches above you and covering the walk below, the smell, sound, and colors are sure to blow you away. You can enjoy these best by bundling up and taking a hike on your favorite trail. 

If you’re looking for a hiking buddy, our Classic Hemp Backpack is the perfect companion for your water bottles, snacks, All In One, and first aid kit (just in case 😉). Like to pack light? We'd definitely recommend The Don. This smell proof crossbody bag is ideal for both style and function. You can easily swing this badass slinger across your body for easy access to your goods. 

Fall Walks with Dime Bags

Take a Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

One of the finest joys of the season for the creative type is pumpkin carving. It's not just the carving that's a festive activity, but the act of going to the local pumpkin patch and picking out your PERFECT gourd. Sometimes you even get lucky and they offer hot apple cider and other autumnal treats. Whether you go with the standard jagged smile and triangle eyes or aim for something a little more artistic, it's an A+ way to decorate your home and spend a little time with the ones you love. 

If you’re in need of a bag that can carry a large number of pumpkins and your tools, the Omerta Cleaner is our biggest bag (and smell proof too!). 

Dime Bags Smell Proof Duffle Bag

Cozy Up By The Bonfire

Nothing beats getting the gang together for evening sesh around the fire. You can start by going on a hike to find the perfect spot, and then encourage everyone to bring their best pumpkins to help add a festive air to the event. Imagine sitting around a warm fire, sharing food and drinks with your closest friends, surrounded by a ring of pumpkins to keep watch while you while the night away! 

Be sure that if you do hike into an area, that you’re aware of any possible fire bans, and you properly extinguish your night of fun before you leave. The Slinger is the best shoulder bag to keep all your needed bonfire items on your body while handsfree. It will keep your snacks, lighter, phone, and wallet safe while you find the perfect place to blaze. 

Slinger Crossbody Bag

Warm Food And Creeping Chills

It wouldn't be the autumnal season if you didn't get at least one set of horror movies in! Since nothing beats a potluck, have the crew bring over their favorite dish and flick and let the fright fest begin. Don't be an L7 wienie and dump the popcorn when things get a little too scary. Make sure you have dessert covered (apple cobbler anyone?). Nothing beats a nice, comforting food hug after getting the shit scared out of you.

A great bag to help carry over any blu-rays or sticky icky, is the Mini Molly, our smell proof mini backpack that will keep your items safe and secure during transportation. 

Smell Proof Mini Backpack

We hope this helps stir up some kick-ass adventures this season. Community is important to us here at Dime Bags so all of the top picks are things you can gather up your favorite people to enjoy with you. Remember- whatever you do this season, make good decisions, and keep your grandma proud. You still want that Christmas sweater she's been working on all year, right?

If you take your favorite Dime Bag on any of your Autumn Adventures, be sure to tag us online and tell us about what you did and if you have suggestions we missed!

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