Dime Bags Perfect for Winter Sports


Dime Bags for Winter Sports

It may technically be spring, but it still feels (and looks) like winter here in Colorado! 🏔  Avid sports enthusiasts and outdoors folk alike can all come together during these snowy months. The sleek, stark white snow-covered mountains and crystal clear ice can excite many athletes to go out for a chilly day skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, or any sport that allows you to enjoy the snow and ice. ❄ 🏂

Whether you’re traveling far or plan your outing locally, preparing for your sports trip can be challenging, especially if you plan on carrying your gear everywhere with you. Luckily, our collection of Dime Bags can cater to these needs and more. 😉

Although winter is coming to an end, our bags will last you for years to come and are great for EVERY season! Here’s our best selection of Dime Bags essentials for winter sports and all your water resistant needs. 💦

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The Smell Proof Omerta Transporter

The Transporter comes with numerous benefits for the snow enthusiast. The Transporter is part of our smell proof Omerta line which is made with a water resistant material, making it easy to avoid precious clothing items from getting soaked. The carbon lining also allows your items to be smell proof to help you stay discreet during your time on the slopes and rinks. 🎿

Plus, this carbon lining is easily refreshable and can be reactivated within 10 minutes in your dryer, and be good as new for your next trip out. For those who enjoy more public adventures such as ski resorts, the Transporter comes with a uniquely keyed lock that protects your goods while out. 🔐

Dime Bags for Winter Sports The Transporter Smell Proof Backpack Lockable Backpack

The Crossbody Slinger

Compact, resourceful, and functional, the Slinger crossbody bag makes traveling super easy for any sports enthusiast to travel with ease. The Slinger is available in water resistant colors to help wick moisture off and keep your precious items safe from the cold weather. 🥶

Its smooth design makes it highly capable of easy wear during any skiing and snowboarding trip. You can easily move the slinger from your front, to your back, making it ideal for getting off and on the ski lift. It comes with numerous color options, making it a highly fashionable accessory on the slopes. With this bag, you can keep your phone handy for you without the risk of exposure and have fun! 📱

Dime Bags for Winter Sports The Slinger Water Resistant Crossbody

The Smell Proof Omerta Don

Uniquely designed to be compact and sleek, the Omerta Don presents a highly stylish bag capable of handling even your most adventurous outings. The Don is made with a water resistant exterior and carbon lined interior, and this crossbody shoulder bag can be swung forward with one simple strap to make access to your essentials easy. 

With the material made with smell proof technology, the Don presents TONS of pockets for easy organization and is considered an excellent choice for those always on the go. It is available in black, green, and camo; its neutral color options make it highly adjustable for any occasion and being extra discreet. 😏

Dime Bags for Winter Sports The Don Smell Proof Crossbody Bag

The Puff Pack Fanny Pack

The Puff Pack reimagines the concept of a fanny pack and turns it into a trendy bag that makes accessing your most valuable items hands-free. The Puff Pack is a perfect waist bag for any hiker and adventurer because of its water resistant material. Its small size makes it an excellent choice for those who wish to travel light while out in the snow. As a bonus, it comes with a secret pocket for any small items you wish to keep with you while out on your adventures. 🏞

Dime Bags for Winter Sports The Puff Pack Fanny Pack Water Resistant

The Conversion Tube Rig Backpack

Planning a snowy hike excursion? The Conversion Tube is great for those of you needing extra space for your gear. This backpack-style tube is packed with a removable padded insert, exterior mesh pockets, and almost too many pockets for all your goods. 

You never know what you might need on a winter hike; with one quick unzip of the Conversion Tube, you can remove the entire padded insert, leaving plenty of room to store extra clothes, water bottles, snacks, and more. If you’re hiking to get some shots of those beautiful, snowy views, you may want to keep the padded insert intact and use your bag to protect your camera. 📸

There’s no limit to what The Conversion Tube can do for you! Available in both Hempster and water resistant color options, this baby can protect your goods from breaking or getting wet. 

Dime Bags Conversion Tube Piece ProtectionWe love supporting our Dime Bags community in all of their passions! Let’s end this winter season with a bang! So what is your favorite Dime bag to use during the winter? Let us know! ⛷

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