It's no secret that we are big fans of Mother Earth: maybe even her biggest fan. As we continue to witness the very real effects of climate change, we have a responsibility to actively try and save the planet that we call home. 

Sounds daunting, right? 

It doesn't have to be. You don't have to sell your car or give up single-use products altogether, but small changes in your everyday life can have a lasting impact on the world around you. Imagine if everyone used three fewer plastic cups a week or walked to the "pharmacy" instead of jumping in a car. Seem slightly less overwhelming now?

Here are five small ways that you can help the Earth and combat global warming: 

1. Walk/bike/skate/scooter when you can.

Quick trip the coffee shop? Grab your to-go mug and your sneakers and get some steps in (plus get that Vitamin D ☀️). Plus, when was the last time you jumped on a Razor scooter and really shredded? Exactly. 

2. Cut down on single-use plastic.

Ditch the plasticware when you get take out or bring your own cup Starbucks. Bid plastic storage bags farewell and throw that PB&J in a food storage container. Our lives are filled to the brim with plastic but our landfills and dumps don't have to be. Reducing your dependence on single-use plastic will not only make you feel all warm and tingly inside but will also effect your bottom line over time. 

3. Conserve water. 

Remember that elementary school PSA about turning the water off when you brush your teeth? Still true, but there are other ways you can help conserve water that feel like no work at all: fix any leaking faucets, water your lawn at efficient times like the evening, and use your dishwasher. Surprise! Your dishwasher is substantially more efficient with its water usage than washing by hand.

4. Shop Sustainably.

According to The Good Wear, "Purchasing an item already in circulation helps prevent this garment, accessory, shoe, home good, etc. end up in landfill — which is the last place we want fashion to be!" In addition to supporting your local thrift store, you can support companies that are committed to the environment and sustainability, like Dime Bags 😉

5. Be conscious.

The most important thing you can do for the earth and the environment is be conscious of your impact on it. Recognizing behaviors you can change and areas you can improve in is the first step to combating global warming and climate change. If you made it this far, you're thinking about it and that's something to be proud of. 

Curious what Dime Bags is doing to protect the environment? Find out more here: Sustainability at Dime Bags. Remember: this is the only planet we have. Let's not continue to desecrate it. 

January 05, 2022 — Amber Sparks

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