Sustainability at Dime Bags

As the consequences of global warming become ever more apparent, we all have a responsibility to do our part to help hold back the rising tide. Here at Dime Bags we support a socially and environmentally aware community that revels in the beauty of nature and the outdoors. We believe that every day should be treated like Earth Day

Providing quality, ethical products is as much in keeping with our promise to you as our own internal philosophy of sustainability. The fashion community has a poor reputation when it comes to reducing its carbon carbon footprint and taking steps to remain both environmentally and socially ethical. But here at Dime Bags, our goal has always been to bring durable and environmentally friendly hemp bags to fans across the nation. 🌎

    Made On Earth, For Earth

    As a “fashion” company, we believe selecting a fabric with durability and longevity that is ethically farmed is more important than ever. We don’t want to be labeled as fast fashion. We have fans around the nation who have had bags for 10+ years that are still in great condition and used daily! Our own iconic Hempster material is a unique blend of recycled polyester and hemp that stands the test of time. ♻

    Hemp farms are ALSO maintained with considerably less water than cotton fields, the majority being irrigated by natural rainwater. Which is amazing, to say the least, when it comes down to water conservation. Not only are we making bags that last years but we’re also keeping our environmental impact down by using sustainable hemp? This is the type of stuff that really excites us.

    Hemp Farms and Sustainability

    Donating To Environmental Non-Profits

    We like to say, “Put your money where your mouth is,” and in this case, we do EXACTLY that. As part of an initiative we began in 2019, we have select patches, known as Patches with a Purpose, where every penny from sales gets donated to a correlating non-profit organization. That means when a patch is purchased for $4.99 we donate $4.99 to said organization. 💸

    We cover a wide range of issues with our Patches with a Purpose with a large focus on the environment. We’re always looking for more great causes to craft patches with and donate to! If you know of a non-profit that deserves the Dime Bags Patches with a Purpose treatment, please email your idea to! Our current environmental patches include: 

    • Save the Bees: Bees are an important part of our ecosystem; they pollinate many important crops and keep things growing! That’s why we’re donating all sales from this patch to the Pollinator Partnership, whose mission is to promote the health of pollinators, critical to food and ecosystems, through conservation, education, and research. 🐝
    • Save The Rainforest: Rainforests play a vital role in keeping our planet healthy and maintaining the world’s water cycle. 100% of sales from this patch are donated to the Rainforest Foundation US to protect rainforests and the indigenous people who call them home. 🦜
    • National Wildlife Rescue: with wildfires and extreme weather annihilating our planet, our national parks, and our wildlife, all sales from this patch go to The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF), which works towards addressing conservation conflicts and preparing for future challenges impacting flora, fauna and local communities. 🏞

      Save The Bees Patch Dime Bags Pollinator Partnership

      Going Green at Headquarters

      In the last few years, we’ve taken many steps to make sure our front office AND warehouse are green. Come take a tour of our Headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado to see for yourself! We’d welcome you any time. But we’d also tell you how we’ve changed out ALL of our lights to be LED, using less power and saving energy over time. We’ve also added smart thermostats throughout the building, keeping energy down and reducing unnecessary spikes, while still keeping our staff comfortable in the heat of summer and chilly winters. 💡

      Educating Our Staff


      Speaking of staff, we also take time to train employees about being green, choosing more environmentally friendly options in their lives, and implementing best practices at the office. Some simple ways we ask staff to support the green movement include:


      • Limiting and eliminating single-use items where possible - opting out of straws at drive-thrus, using reusable bags in everyday instances, and enjoying cool water from our filter jug in the fridge instead of bottled water!
      • Keeping the lights off - when not using a room, like our restrooms, mediation room, or hallways, we’re in the habit of keeping the lights off. 
      • Compacting and composting - We just had a friendly staff reminder about how important it is to compact your trash. Yes, we do order group lunches often, but we needed a reminder about compacting the boxes and to-go containers.

      Dime Bags Colorado Springs Sustainability

      As We Grow, So Does Our Promise to Stay Green

      We hold ourselves to a certain standard, knowing that as a company it is our duty to protect the environment by living and consuming as consciously as we can. We’re working on MORE ways to be environmentally friendly in 2021. Soon you’ll see compostable plastic shipping bags; we’ve been working on them since 2020! We’ve also upgraded our patch baggies from being basic plastic sleeves to reusable smell-proof baggies, perfect for a small stash. Did you know you could use them for that? We also take pride in our dope recyclable hangtags! We’re looking for more ways to be green at the office and in our business, so be on the lookout for changes to future orders and more. We’ll see you around the recycling container, ‘kay? 😉

      January 20, 2022 — Amber Sparks


      Shelia Hines said:

      I love all your efforts to be green. You make the world a better place! It might be cost-prohibitive, but it would be soooo cool to infuse wildflower seeds, especially those tasty to bees, into the hangtags so you could plant them!

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