We hate calling them resolutions, because growth should be a constant thing, but this year we’re consciously committing to growing in our efforts to be a more inclusive, sustainable, and socially conscious company (and just as general humans).


We committed to diversity and are currently working with BIPOC, queer, and women artists for our 2022 Sticker of the Month lineup. Want to contribute? Contact us here. 
We truly believe Dime Bags are for everybody and want our brand to embody that to the fullest. We have made it a priority to work with a more inclusive set of models and influencers so that everyone and anyone can picture themselves in a Dime Bag! Everyone is welcome in our community. 

As far as behind the scenes go, we have ditched gender-specific bathrooms, expanded our shirt sizing, and added inclusive language from the top down. We've learned and use the preferred pronouns for employees in our company and are working towards confronting any implicit and explicit assumptions relating to gender. In 2022, we will be forming our "Inclusion Council" to specifically identify tangible ways that we can further work towards inclusion company wide. 


Did you know our 55,000-square-foot headquarters is completely outfitted with LED lighting? We are avid recyclers and genuinely aim to create as little waste as possible (we have help from a few office puppers here). 
Sustainability doesn’t stop with the planet. Our employees sustaining both their physical and mental health is what allows us to sling these Dime Bags from coast to coast. We’re beyond excited that we are able to cover 100% of our employees' health care premiums in addition to offering sick leave and paid time off. We offer our employees scheduling flexibility and the option to work remotely as needed because the work/life balance is a struggle sometimes and we GET IT. 

Socially conscious:

In 2021, we really refined what it means for us as a company to be socially conscious and we are excited to expand on that vision in 2022. We continue to expand our Patches with a Purpose program and are so stoked about some of the partnerships we are launching (hint: wolves, manatees, and exoneration for low level cannabis convictions, oh my). Last year, we were able to donate a combined $10,000 to organizations. We also welcomed our most recent Patch with a Purpose: The Mama Brown Patch

How would you like to see us showing up in 2022? What causes would you like to see us support? Comment below or drop us a line at hi@dimebags.com. We'd love to hear from you. 

December 29, 2021 — Amber Sparks

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