The world is full of choices and we know that there are no shortage of options when it comes to bags. 

But you chose a Dime Bag and when you choose a Dime Bag, you are subtly (or not depending on the patch) letting the world know what you value and what is important to you. As our founder says "you know how Patagonia is for the environment? Well, we're the Patagonia for people." 

When you purchase a Dime Bag, you are making a conscious decision to let the word know...

1. You are a judgement free zone. There is no space for side eyes or snark with you; come as you are or don't come at all*. Are you a mom who smokes once those little ones hit the hay? Awesome! Never smoked at all? Also awesome! You do you, boo boo. It's what you're great at. 

2. You consciously want to make the world a better place. Whether that be by participating in voter registration efforts or coordinating recycling at work, you wake up each morning determined to give more than you take. Remember: small actions can lead to big change. 

3. You are a socially conscious member of society that recognizes the injustices carried out over the course of history and you choose to do something about it. Maybe it's a Black Lives Matter patch, maybe it's grabbing your Dime Bag before you attend a march for reproductive rights. Not to be cliche, but to be cliche:

"If you stand for nothing, you'll fall for everything."**

At the end of the day, we are proud to be a brand that you are proud of. We're in this together. 

*Unless you're a nazi: then just stay the fuck home, please.

**Fun fact: no one knows who actually said this first. 

January 14, 2022 — Amber Sparks

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