Ready for round 2 of new bags? Because we sure as hell are. We've got two new Omerta styles coming at you in addition to a brand-new, much-requested computer bag. Mama always said we had "selective hearing" but we like to think that we've just always listened to what mattered, like your opinions and suggestions. Anyway, enough about us and back to the bags.

A smell proof crossbody? Yep. WE WENT THERE. Complete with all the Omerta features you've come to love: smell-proof zippers, carbon-filter technology and pockets. Bitches love pockets. 
At least once a week someone asks, "when are you going to bring back the computer bag?" And after a year of stalling and awkward answers, it's officially coming back, baby. Handles? Check. Shoulder strap? Check again. Two size options? YOU KNOW IT. Available in 15 inches and 17 inches, this bag was made for computers. Literally. 
You know The Pod? Of course you do! Smell proof and packed with compartments, the Pod is the perfect addition to your lil Dime Bags fam jam. Pack it up and toss it your backpack and we guarantee* you'll be the life of the party. 
January 19, 2022 — Amber Sparks


Spaceman said:

Whaaaaaat I can’t wait what I would give for each one of those especially the Goodfella. As soon as this drops you know I’m going to snag one

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