The History of Earth Day

April 22nd is just around the corner, marking it the 51st Anniversary of Earth Day. Since the 1970’s, Earth Day has grown into a worldwide phenomenon promoting sustainable living and drawing attention to the importance of protecting our planet. 🌎

This Earth Day we are celebrating with a 4 part blog series. To start off, we will focus on the history behind Earth Day and why it came to be (keep reading this blog to find out). In the coming weeks, we will share more about what we do as a company to be sustainable, give you green tips & tricks, and share some other dope eco-conscious companies. 

The origins of Earth Day find their roots in the growing awareness of climate change following some of the darkest days in scientific history. Just keep reading to discover the history that started this environmental movement and how we all can continue to support the cause! 👀

Where Did Earth Day Come From?

You may be surprised that to find out that, before Earth Day, a factory could release clouds of toxic smoke or dump toxic waste into the water and it would be perfectly legal! There were no methods keeping our planet safe from cruel chemicals, and no laws in place to protect our environment. 😭

In the early 60’s, Rachel Carson published her bestselling book, Silent Spring, which documented the negative effects of pesticides. This caused Americans to start thinking more deeply about their effects on the environment. Later that decade, there was a shocking fire on the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland, which had unfortunately been a dumping place for industrial waste. Flames blazed across the river and gained the attention of the media. Until that instance, there was little care about pollution within the country. 

The Birth of Earth Day

Thankfully, Environmentalist, Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin, hoped to push this issue onto the national agenda with Earth Day. He announced his idea in 1969, and it took off, spreading across the country and quickly gaining momentum. 

“The objective was to get a nationwide demonstration of concern for the environment so large that it would shake the political establishment out of its lethargy,” stated Senator Nelson.

The first Earth Day happened on April 22, 1970 and it started with a bang. Twenty million Americans joined his cause, participating in rallies, marches and educational programs throughout the country! 👏

History of Earth Day

The Influence of Earth Day

From that point forward, Earth Day has served to raise awareness for people all over the United States, ultimately going global in 1990. By this time, it had served to fuel the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency, the Clean Water Act, OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Act), and the Clean Air Act, among others. Acts and Agencies that are now embedded into our culture and working life in America. 🦅

Two years after going global, the United Nations would hold their first Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. Today, Earth Day is widely recognized and continues to mobilize transformative action for our planet. 🏞

Earth Day

Celebrating Earth Day Now Into The Future

Over the past 50 years, the cultural and social environments have been in constant flux. What hasn’t changed is Earth Day’s stolid dedication to helping protect the planet as well as every person, plant, and animal that lives here. 

The modern era provides a whole new avenue to accomplish these goals, starting with their website at EarthDay.Org and carrying forward into the realm of social media. The battle for our planet is ongoing, and we’d encourage all our followers to do their part to stay environmentally conscious and responsible. 🌍

Anyone can do their part, whether that’s spreading the word on Instagram, volunteering, or taking civic action, every little bit makes a difference. Just remember, Earth Day isn’t just a day, it’s a movement. It’s not going to be one person who fixes global warming, it takes a little help from us all. ♻

Earth Day History

As a brand whose motto is “Made on Earth, For Earth”, we pride ourselves in being sustainable and always looking to improve our practices as not only a company, but individuals as well. Stay tuned for more blogs on how we specifically do our part to protect this planet. 🤗

April 01, 2021 — Jacki Stewart

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