Halloween Costumes Ideas

Halloween Costume Ideas 2021

Spookober is in full effect and we are ready for all the Halloween movies, decorations, and COSTUMES! Whether you’re going to a Halloween party or trick-or-treating, you’re going to need a bag to carry your stuff. It’s always a bummer when you have a sick costume, but your bag isn’t on theme. This year we thought it would be fun to give you some 2021 Halloween costume ideas to match with your Dime Bags so that you can keep a bag on you, AND look cool af. 

As always, we love to know what our community is up to… so, what are you dressing up as this year? If you’re not much of a Halloween fanatic, you can also check out our fall activities blog to get some autumnal inspiration for the rest of the season! Just keep on reading to get some 2021 Halloween costume inspiration that will WOW your friends and family. 

Harley Quinn Costume | Hot Box 

Okay so I know what you’re thinking, this has been done a lot. But, we think Harley Quinn is pretty dope. Plus she’s been featured in some recent movies like 2020’s Birds of Prey and 2021’s The Suicide Squad. Not to mention, we have the perfect bag to go with her outfits: The Hot Box in Red

Whether you choose to wear her OG outfit from Suicide Squad, or her date night dress from the more recent film, you can ensure that our red Hot Box will go with it flawlessly. This cute mini backpack is a great choice for if you’re going to be trick-or-treating or going out since it allows you to be hands-free with plenty of storage space for anything you need to bring along. There’s no doubt that Harley Quinn would love this bag, it’s bright red color and cute design suits her character perfectly! Don’t forget to accessorize it with one of your favorite patches to add to your Halloween outfit. We think Harley would be a big fan of the Gun Girl Patch, considering she’s really good at using them. 😉

Harley Quinn Halloween Costumes

Moonrise Kingdom Couple Costume | Urban Backpack and Urban Tote

This one’s for all you hipsters out there, you can’t go wrong with a Wes Anderson film inspired costume. The iconic duo, Sam and Suzy, from Moonrise Kingdom is a cute and playful costume idea for couples! 

Sam wears a boy scout uniform, which you could likely find at the thrift store, a Daniel Boone style fur hat, and a backpack for all of his adventure supplies. Our Dime Bags Backpack in Timber would be perfect for not only staying on theme, but holding anything you might need for your Halloween shenanigans! Slap a National Wildlife Rescue patch on there and you’re set to explore his Halloween.

To dress up as Suzy, you’re going to want to get yourself a pink Peter Pan collared dress, a pair of knee-high socks and Mary Janes. In the film, she carries around a yellow suitcase for her book collection, but who just has a yellow suitcase lying around? Instead, you could opt for our yellow Urban Tote for a more comfortable alternative that still gets the job done. We think The Wave patch from our Sirron Norris collection would be perfect for Suzy as she is an avid swimmer, breaking her school's record for the backstroke. 

Moonrise Kingdom Costume

Jennifer's Body | Festy Bound or Multi-Purpose

The film starring Megan Fox, Jennifer’s Body, has become a cult classic in recent years. This Halloween costume idea has been gaining traction and trending on TikTok in recent months. There’s a lot of costume options you can do for this movie depending on your personal style and the Halloween look you’re going for. Whether you choose the cheerleader outfit, white puffer jacket and mini shirt, or bloody prom dress, you’ll definitely be recognizable and cute for Halloween! 

This costume would be sure to be a hit at a college Halloween party or going out with friends. I mean who doesn’t love a film about a demon possessed teenage girl who eats boys? You could go the cute costume route, or gorey, and you'd be iconic either way. Grab a Dime Bags mini backpack to complete your look and keep your belongings secure on Halloween night. Jennifer would definitely rock the Festy Bound in Static Pink at school, but if you choose to go with the bloody prom dress costume, we think the Multi-Purpose in Concrete would work great! Slap a Kiss Patch on either of those bags and you’re ready to go have a badass Halloween. If the Kiss patch isn’t your vibe you could also go for our Pride Patch since Megan Fox and this film is iconic within the bi community. 

Jennifer's Body Costume

Addams Family | Omerta Smell Proof 


Whether you’re looking for a solo Halloween costume or a couples costume, The Addams Family is a film for people who are looking for a gothic Halloween vibe. Gomez and Morticia Addams is a great choice that screams classic Halloween and is something almost everyone should recognize. If you’re going out as a larger group or family, you can even add a Wednesday Addams, Uncle Fester, or Cousin Itt. Lucky for you, these costumes are fairly easy to come by or DIY. 

To match your all black attire, you should go with an Omerta bag. These sleek and discreet bags come in 3 colors, but Black would blend into the gothic look without clashing with your awesome costume. For Morticia, we’d recommend a Collector. The Collector is a stash bag that could easily hold your phone, money, and other essentials as a clutch. Bonus points because it’s 100% smell proof and keeps your ish sealed tight. 

Gomez in his pinstripe suit would definitely be rocking an Omerta bag as well. His outfit could easily be mistaken for a classic mobster costume, which is perfect for Omerta and fits the theme of the name meaning “Code of Silence”. Any of our Omerta smell proof bags could work with this costume, depending on what you’re needing to carry with you! The Addams Family is into all things creepy and morbid, so the Skull Patch would be most fitting for any of their characters' costumes. 

The Addams Family Costume

Squid Game Soldier | Omerta Smell Proof Fanny Pack

The new show, Squid Game, has been taking the internet by storm these past few weeks and dominating the Netflix charts. So, naturally, this dystopian drama has been inspiring a variety of costumes just in time for Halloween! We expect this to be one of the most popular Halloween costumes for 2021.

If you decide to go this route, you'll find it to be a fairly easy last-minute costume idea. For the Squid Game Soldiers, you just need to find yourself a red tracksuit with a hood, a black mask that covers your face, and a pair of black gloves. For your black belt, you can use our Omerta Outfit. This belt bag is not only discreet, but smell proof and lockable! You can pull this look off effortlessly all while keeping your belongings close and secure. Just draw a shape on your mask and BAM, you're a pretty authentic looking Squid Game Soldier. 

Squid Game Halloween Costume

BONUS: Slashers! 

If you’re wanting to be a classic slasher for Halloween this year, you’re in luck! In honor of Friday the 13th this year, we paired each of the big five slasher characters with their very own Dime Bag. If you’re dressing up as one of these gruesome killers, take a peek at which bags we’d recommend for each of them! 

If you decide to rep a Dime Bag with your Halloween costume, make sure to tag us on Instagram for a chance to be reposted. Make sure it’s good because we’re going to pick our favorite post and the winner will get a free Dime Bag of their choice! Use the hashtag #DimeBagsHalloween and tag us @DimeBags for a chance to win! 

We wish you all a spook-tastic Halloween! 👻

Slasher Costumes

September 30, 2021 — Jacki Stewart

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