Destination Dime Bags

Here at Dime Bags, we’re always looking for fun ways to interact with our incredible customers and bring together a community of dope people. Whether you just heard of our brand, or you’ve been a dedicated fan since 2008, we want to welcome you to the Dime Bags family! Are you located in Colorado, or maybe just stopping through on vacation? Visit our headquarters for a sesh with your buds, a tour, and an inside look at the Dime Bags family.

Although we don’t technically have a Dime Bags storefront, we still want to be able to interact and connect with our customers - you guys are truly the best! You can always (well, weekdays between 9 am-5 pm) stop by our Headquarters to pick out a new bag in person. 

But the awesomeness doesn’t end there, you can also earn yourself an exclusive Dime Bags goodie bag for FREE just keep on reading… 

Post a Pic, Get Freebies!

Dime Bags

We have a cool challenge for anyone who decides to come say hi. Don’t worry, it’s not hard, and the goodie bag prize is totally worth it! We’re giving away our EXCLUSIVE Dime Bags shirts that only Dime Bags employees have access to. You can be some of the first people to ever have these shirts!

All you gotta do is post a picture/ video of you in front of our sign on social media and tag us at @DimeBags using our hashtag #DimeSign and BAM, free shit! Have fun with it, strike a pose in front, or toss your Dime Bag up in the air. We may even repost your photo on our Instagram if it’s super dope. 😉



Not only will you get a free Dime Bags shirt of your choice and size, you’ll also get the following in your goodie bag:

  • Dime Bags or Omerta Lanyard
  • Dime Bags Coin Purse 
  • Dime Bags Magnet
  • Current Sticker of the Month
  • Dime Bags OG Sticker 
  • A Patch of Choice 
  • Sometimes even more goodies depending on what we have in house! 

The Future of Dime Bags

As our company grows, and our Dime Bags team gets bigger, we want to stay true to our brand values that we’ve had since the beginning. “Don’t Judge Me” is our motto around here and we want EVERYONE to feel accepted into our Dime Bags community! You can be assured that when you own a Dime Bag, you’re part of a larger movement and ragtag group of people who value sustainability, unique styles, and non-judgmental outlooks! 

You can ALWAYS find us on our Google page or get in touch with us on our Instagram and TikTok! We’re excited to have you be a part of this community and we can’t wait to see how we all grow together! Stay tuned for more exciting happenings… 😉 

September 30, 2021 — Jacki Stewart

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