Sometimes, goodbyes suck. Things change, and sometimes they’ll never be the same again. Soon, we’ll say farewell to some of our old friends: the Transit, Klutch, and Study Buddy.  Don’t worry — they are still available for a short time, but it won’t be long. It’s nothing personal, we swear. But have no fear – they’ll never be replaced in your heart, but we’ve got the perfect substitutions to fill that hole.

Love the Transit? Try our Fanny Pack

Like the Transit, our Fanny Pack is great for on-the-go day trips. It might look small, but this thing has plenty of room for your wallet, lighter, phone, and more. Available in similar neutral colors to the Transit (black and gray), the Fanny Pack doesn’t pick teams (or genders). With its four zipper pockets, dual adjustable straps, and heavy-duty buckle, the Fanny Pack offers the same style and function as the Transit in a cool hands- and arms-free design.

Missing the Klutch? Try our Urban Tote

The Urban Tote is basically the Klutch’s older cousin. Many users preferred the Klutch because of its three convenient and stylish ways to carry it, so you’ll be happy to learn that the Urban Tote can be used as either a cross-body shoulder bag or a handbag. You also won’t be missing out on any of the great storage and organizational features – the Urban Tote features eight pockets in total, including one secret internal pocket for a smell-free stash. Like our other Urban items, the Urban Tote comes in six unique and stylish color options (two more than the Klutch…how clutch?). It’s the perfect bag to hold necessities for a full day’s adventure or a weekend getaway.

Prefer the Study Buddy? Try our Skate pack

It seems weird to transition to a school bag to one designed for skateboarders, but hear me out: these backpacks are pretty similar – in both appearance and features. The Study Buddy’s got your classic front zippered pocket on the exterior of the bag. The Skatepack has this, PLUS two mesh water bottle holders. The Study Buddy also has heavy-duty zippers and is lightly padded for your comfort. You guessed it, the Skatepack is designed for your comfort and features those bad-boy zippers. On top of this, it’s equipped with a large interior pocket, a secret interior pocket, and straps for easily carrying your board around. Not a skater? Don’t sweat it. The top strap is removable so it won’t get in your way. While the Study Buddy was only available in black, silver, and forest, the Skatepack is available in all of these with an additional midnight option.

Styles come and go, but one thing’s for sure: Dime Bags will always have just the right bag for you.

September 29, 2018 — Rachel Langhill

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