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This exceptional Dime Bags tote bag is a go-to for any lifestyle – from daily use to impromptu weekend getaways, this bag is loaded with pockets, features two convenient carrying styles and is down for whatever adventures you find yourself in.

Take me to dinner. Buy me red wine. Swoon me with your eyes, smile, and words and maybe I’ll make it home with you. I’m part soccer mom so I’m all about excess storage space, but I also I love beaches and city life. I can fit in pretty much anywhere so don’t be afraid to take me to brunch, the park, the grocery store, out to dinner and dancing afterwards. Basically I’m perfect. Not conceited, just perfect. This bag’s got eight pockets. Yes, I said eight! This babe has two internal utility pockets and one internal zippered pocket. A secret zippered pocket is stashed along the inner cotton lining. This is a great bag for beach towels, books, wallets, accessories, and all your day-to-day needs. Let us know what you keep in your tote!

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Additional information

Weight0.50 lbs
Dimensions15 x 13 x 5in

Black, Blue, Concrete, Silver, Timber, Yellow

Other features
  • Durable Hempster Exterior
  • Two Carrying Styles: Cross-Body Shoulder Bag or Handbag
  • Adjustable Shoulder Strap
  • Reinforced Carrying Handles
  • Internal Zippered Pocket
  • Internal Organizers
  • Smell/Spill Proof Clear Poly Bag
  • Interchangeable Velcro Label

22 reviews for Urban Tote

  1. shannonclark62380 (verified owner)

    I received this bag along with a 10 inch all in one pouch that comes with the rolling tray which I thought was very cool however, the urban tote this bag, I got in concrete and I could not be happier with that because it matches anything and everything there is literally nothing you cannot wear holding this bag next to you and the fact that it’s so sick and awesome that there’s two hidden Compartments at the very Tap on each side of the main zipper that unzips and lets out to smaller handles that way you have two different ways you can carry the bag which most of their bags do give you that choice to carry it usually more than one way which I think is great alone with the Dimebags!
    But….this comes w/ 10 or 12 different pockets or compartments and this is exactly what I needed I stressed and stressed about what bag was perfect for me and it got down to either the red hipster bag that you can where is the backpack or where is a two handled bag and this one is just more me I think! But I promise you I’ll have the red one before it’s all said and done. 😂😂✌🏼💋💋💋

  2. Keely (verified owner)

    Love love LOVE this bag! It’s got a few great zippered pockets to keep so,e key items separate from your other stuff. The free Dimebag smell free ziplock that comes with it is handy too! It looks great so your stash is secure because it’s a beautiful tote that doesn’t scream “obvious stash bag!”.

    It’s a nice style and the strap is comfortable when I use it as an across the body tote. And I change up the Velcro labels to reflect my mood!

  3. Nicole (verified owner)

    Love, love, love my bag! It is great quality and the perfect size!

  4. Jennifer Stanley (verified owner)

    I love this tote! It has so many zipper pockets for each and every little thing I need to put in it. The fabric is sturdy and I love the option to use the shorter straps or store them away. It is exactly what I have been searching for for years. I’m so happy with my purchase that I have been telling everybody I know about this fantastic tote!

  5. Jamey

    I. Love. This. Bag. Received it as a birthday gift last summer and it’s my fave ever. Durable. Spacious. Lots of pockets to assign to things. And I just found out that there’s a whole pocket I didn’t even know existed. Now I love it even more. If that’s possible.

  6. Dina Awad (verified owner)

    absolutely love this bag. got the yellow color and its so vibrant and pretty, i love that theres an outer pocket and an inner pocket and the verstile straps are great. 10/10 recommend

  7. Heather D – Amazon Buyer

    I like this bag for many reasons. It does what it claims regarding minimizing orders. I like the pocket placements. I wish the very obvious Dime Life/Bag tag could be completely removed as it defeats the purpose when trying to keep things in stealth mode. Also, hemp material is sturdy which is good but it’s not very esthetically interesting. Its soooo earthy. Feels like your carrying a bag made from bird nesting material. LOL

  8. Tracy Simpson – Amazon Buyer

    Absolutely in love with this bag!!!!!! Perfect size love all the pockets and the color!!!!!

  9. Homer – Amazon Buyer

    This is a great totebag. It’s a large, sits well on the shoulder, and is made of product that is environmentally friendly

    It is not covered with silly logos or name branding. It’s dark, doesn’t show any dirt or where, and seems to be very well made.

    It absolutely fits the bill for a nicely made and environmentally low impact bag

    I’m not familiar with this company. I bought this bag after reading many reviews. I’m glad I made that choice

  10. Diane (verified owner)

    This bag is freaking AMAZING! Please come out with a red and/or brown one!!! 🙂 I have it in yellow and would love more color options. Thanks for making such an awesome bag!!!

  11. lovemytat2dhubby (verified owner)

    Best bag ever! I have had my first one for 2 years still awesome but I recently got a new one in a different color. I have never had a bag/purse I loved this much!

    • DimeBags

      Holy Moly what a long time to have your bag, we love hearing from our dedicated customers! So Glad to hear you are loving enjoying your new Dime Bag! The Urban Tote is Boss!

      l O V E ,

      Dime Bags

  12. J – Amazon Buyer

    Best bag ever! I don’t think I will ever use anything else. I just bought a 2nd one in a different color. I have had current one for 2 years and still holding up great! Tons of pockets, plenty of room for every thing you need. Messenger strap is a great length. Buy this bag!

  13. Brandy – Amazon Buyer

    This is by far my favorite bag!!!! I used it last night and it was perfect. I also bought more patches for it because well….it’s fun! Buy the bag. You won’t regret it!

  14. Amanda – Amazon Buyer

    love it!!

  15. Brandy M – Amazon Buyer

    I love this bag. It has everything. Very durable too!

  16. Erica (verified owner)

    i love this bag! I got it when it first came out and I couldn’t be happier with this being my first purchase from you guys. however I have been curious to know which pouch is the smell/spill proof pouch? love all the storage options and space this bag provides!

    • DimeBags

      Hello Erica,

      So happy to hear you’re loving your Urban Tote! There is a Clear Smell Proof Poly Bag located on the inside of the large pocket on your Urban Tote (Featured in every Dime Bag.) Unfortunately the Urban Tote is not in our Omerta line which features all of our Carbon Lined Spell Proof Bags, such as The Transporter.

      But my dear do not let this deter you from loving the amazing Urban Tote, as this bag is one of our most stylish, spacious and awesome Bags that we offer to amazing customers such as yourself!

      Do check out out Smell Proof Line on DimeBags.com By following the below link!


      -Love , DimeBags

  17. Stephanie -Amazon Buyer

    Love this tote! A lot of storage, with surprise storage inside. A couple “oh cool” moments as I examined my new tote when it arrived. Love that it is made out of hemp,holding it last a long time!!!

  18. Jerry – Amazon Buyer

    Love it….got it for my mom,, she also loves it. Her first, I’ve been rocking my dime bag for years!

  19. An – Amazon Buyer

    Great material, more pockets than anticipated, messenger strap is a great length.

  20. Ellie :)

    Super versatile. This tote fits my laptop and regular purse items easily. Love the hempster blend, soft but durable!

    • DimeBags

      Awesome Ellie 🙂 we are stoked you love it!

  21. Sheila M

    Came across these bags just yesterday, The Urban Tote caught my eye immediately. I just had to have one! I love the quality of the hemp material, the craftsmanship and durability. Plus I love how it fits all my necessities and then some. And it’s stylish! I cannot wait to personalize it with my own label. I think I just might have found the perfect bag! And the color (blue) is just fab.

    • DimeBags

      Well we are happy you came across us the other day. Yea we love the light blue as well, and the new yellow one is picking up in trends as well. Thanks for the positive feedback and if we can ever be of service we are here for you. Thank you for your purchase and keep on living the #DimeLife

  22. Alicia Tankersley

    Beyond amazing! I have Lyme and several other health issues. So the search for perfect bag was grueling. I needed a durable bag that is supple, something that did not cause an allergic reaction, easy open and close with independent pockets for easy access, I could wear it hands free with no pressure on my neck. The Urban Tote was perfect with its extra large zipper tabs that glide with ease, the well designed width of shoulder strap that you can actually use your shoulder with no pain. I choose the butterfly label to reflect my personal style.

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