Sirron Norris is a San Francisco local artist that has painted the city with his breathtaking murals and public art instillations. Dime Bags began in San Francisco and has always appreciated the work Norris has done for the city and its neighborhoods by adding incredible works of art. Not only has Norris contributed to the folks in the Bay area, but as the lead artist for Bob’s Burgers, he’s touched the hearts of millions with his characters and background design for the hilarious adult cartoon show and murals throughout the local artist’s city in San Francisco. We love Norris and his work and are excited to share with you a bit of his history so you can appreciate the art he’s made today too!

After graduating from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Sirron Norris moved to San Francisco in 1997 to officially start is art career. He has won many awards for his artistic contributions, including completing the Artist in Residence programs at the de Young Fine Art Museum of San Francisco and San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in 2000 and 2002. Norris is well known for his public art contributions which are placed throughout San Francisco and around the globe.

Norris’ work extends beyond public art instillations and paintings to a well-known popular cartoon. Sirron Norris was the lead artist in the adult cartoon favorite, “Bob’s Burgers” where he created backgrounds and character designs. In 2010, Norris’ art career was featured on the PBS news Hour with Jim Lehrer and in several commercials and advertisements. Norris also has an ongoing political comic series entitled “Cityfruit” which has won the Greater Bay Area Journalism Award in 2017.

Norris has painted large murals in San Francisco which are now considered a staple in the surrounding areas. One of his most notable murals is the “Victorion: El Defensor de la Mission” located in San Francisco’s historic “Balmy Alley,” which was featured on many media platforms including magazines, books, and advertisements. The Calumet Mural, which is located at 18th and Bryant in the Mission district, stands at 600 sq. feet. An international Mitsubishi television commercial featured the mural for the launch of their newest vehicle in 2014. His art was also used as a platform to launch the new Ricoh Theta campaign in both the U.S. and Japan. Norris’s artist career has crossed many platforms and mediums, but at the core of his work remains a distinctive style that fits well with the Dime Bags brand and message.

As a fan of Norris’ work and an ode to our company’s roots in San Francisco, we asked Sirron Norris to create two patch designs for our bags. He created two of our favorite patches today, the Sup Dog and Bear patch. We are immensely grateful to have these works of art as part of our Dime Bags line up. To commemorate our ongoing relationship with Norris and to showcase his work with San Francisco General Hospital Foundation, we flew out to join him during the painting of this project and filmed the incredible process. You can view the clip above.

If you’re a fan of Sirron Norris’s work and would like to support his art, check out the collection we offer from Sirron Norris, specifically made for Dime Bags!


August 24, 2018 — Belinda Warren

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