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Study Buddy
$44.99 USD 54.99 Sale
BlackGlassGraphiteMagentaTimber+ 2 more
Slab Bag
$59.99 USD 69.99 Sale
BlackCobaltConcreteGreySand+ 2 more
City Dweller Backpack
$54.99 USD
AquaBlackGlassMidnightRedSilver+ 3 more
Club Kid
$34.99 USD 51.99 Sale
BlackCobaltConcreteGlassMagentaPlumTimber+ 4 more
Classic Backpack
$69.99 USD 79.99 Sale
AquaBlackConcreteEarthForestGlassGraphiteGreyMagentaMidnightSandSkyStone+ 10 more
The Transporter
$139.99 USD 169.99 Sale
BlackCamoGreenSmell-Proof Oxblood+ 1 more
Hot Box
$59.99 USD 69.99 Sale
BlackMidnightPinkPlumRedSandSkyYellow+ 5 more


Which backpack is right form me?

Good question. So good in fact that we wrote entire blog about it. From everyday backpacks to more specialized commuter and anti-theft backpacks, we've got a little something for everyone.

Why should I pick a hemp backpack?

Hemp is paving its way to becoming a much more mainstream and affordable textile options. Not only is it much more sustainable than cotton but it considerably more durable.

How do I clean my hemp backpack?

When it comes to cleaning your hemp backpack, we recommend spot cleaning with a mild detergent. Check out this video for the full run-down on how to keep your backpack looking fresh.

Can I smoke my hemp backpack?

Technically, probably. But it isn't covered under warranty.