2018 was the best year yet for Dime Bags. We added tons of new products, partnered with some amazing people, and welcomed many new customers and fans into our posse. So in 2019, we’re ready to keep the ball rolling! Now introducing, two new products we think you’ll love. They’ll keep your money safe and your style on point: The Wristlet and Bi-Fold Wallet!

Bi-Fold Wallet

While we still love the roominess of our classic Tri-Fold Wallet, we’ve quickly become OBSESSED with the ultra-slim build of the Bi-Fold. This new wallet takes up little room in your bag or can easily and comfortably be kept in your pocket. It’s also a way more eco-friendly alternative than a leather wallet, while still being just as durable. Our Hempster material is made of industrial hemp and recycled polyester, and is available in six different colors so your wallet is sure to match your style.

BiFold Dime Bags Wallet

Though smaller than the Tri-Fold, the Bi-Fold still has plenty of card slots and pockets for easy storage and organization. There’s a window that lets you quickly flash your ID, while RFID-blocking exterior technology stops credit card scammers in their tracks. As with all our products, the Bi-Fold Wallet also has a removable patch so you can further customize its design. Overall, it’s the perfect new product for anybody looking to comfortably (and eco-consciously) store cash and cards.

The Wristlet

Looking for something a bit roomier than a wallet but don’t want to carry around a bulky bag all night? Us, too – which is why we’ve brought you: The Wristlet! This product combines the convenience of storage with the ease of transportation, leaving you plenty of room for not only cash and cards, but also your phone, lip balm, sunglasses, or keys. The Wristlet is perfect for a night out, with just the right amount of room for accessories. Going to a concert? Take your Wristlet so you can remain hands-free while still being confident that you haven’t lost anything. Off for a quick hike in the woods? Store your keys and cell phone in here and skip the backpack!

Dime Bags Wristlet Wallet

Like the Bi-Fold, our Wristlet also comes with RFID-blocking material to protect your credit cards against nearby scammers. It’s also made of our Hempster material, and is available in six fun colors. The Wristlet not only has multiple slots for cards, cash, and important documents, but there’s also a zipper pouch inside to keep coins separate and organized. It has quickly become one of our favorite functional accessories.

While many of our products are designed with smokers in mind (especially our ever-growing Omerta collection), the Bi-Fold Wallet and Wristlet really exemplify how Dime Bags can be for everyone! Our quickly growing company first started because two friends wanted to bring a durable and environmentally friendly hemp bag to consumers – hence the birth of our beloved Hempster material. Our goal is, and has always been, to create fashionable, functional, high quality and eco-friendly products. Look out, 2019, because Dime Bags is ready to keep bringing our A game (as always).

January 04, 2019 — Rachel Langhill

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