From our people to yours, Happy New Year! Our team here at Dime Bags can’t wait to see what 2019 has to offer – especially since 2018 was already so amazing. In fact, it was our best year yet (but we think we can top it). To celebrate the new year, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite newcomers of 2018.

The Capo

As a member of the Omerta collection, The Capo comes fully equipped with carbon filter technology that keeps the bag entirely smell proof for life – if the smell starts to leak out, just toss it in your dryer for 10 minutes to give it a quick refresher. The Capo comes in 6 and 7 inches and resembles an envelope, so you can safely store your stuff in a size that fits your needs. With a dual Velcro enclosure, it keeps everything (including the smell) safely and stylishly inside.

The Collector

Another smell proof Omerta product, The Collector looks similar to The Capo with its dual Velcro strip – only larger. This bag is available in 9 or 12 inches, making it large enough to carry your herb, cash, phone, keys, lighter, and more. The Collector makes it easy to stealthily carry your daily necessities around, and you can even roll it up using the Velcro strip for a more slim and compact fit to keep things extra secure.

Sirron Norris Pins & Patches

Bragging time! Dime Bags was proud to partner with this San Francisco artist last year. Sirron Norris has been creating art on the buildings and streets of San Fran since 1997, and he made five patches and three pins especially for us. We dig his fun, bright, cartooney style of art, and thought you would, too! He was the lead artist for Fox Network’s animated series Bob’s Burgers, and is known for his extensive public art contributions.

Bi-Fold Wallet

The Bi-Fold is relatively new to the group, but has already been welcomed with open arms. It’s slimmer than the Tri-Fold wallet, while at the same time it offers a good amount of card slots and plenty of room to hold your cash. It even comes with RFID-blocking technology to stop credit card scammers in their tracks. With its Hempster material, the Bi-Fold Wallet is an eco-friendly, affordable, and durable alternative to your classic leather wallet.

The Wristlet

Another newcomer, The Wristlet is popular for its balance of roominess and convenience. It’s smaller than a bulky bag but larger than your standard wallet, making it a go-to for any night out. Easily organize your cash, cards, phone, lip balm, and keys into this handy-dandy hands-free Wristlet, which also has an RFID-blocking exterior and is made of Hempster material.

Fanny Pack

Some classic fashion accessories will never be totally “out” – which is why we’ve brought you the beloved Fanny Pack! We’re throwing it back to the ‘80s with this guy. It’s got dual adjustable straps and a heavy duty buckle to keep things in place while on the go, and also features four zippered pockets for ultimate organization. The Fanny Pack is available in simple colors to match every outfit, like gray and black, but also comes in our newer mixed Hempster color combinations, like Glass and Concrete, for anybody trying to spice up their style.

Hip Hugger

Like the Fanny Pack’s best friend, our Hip Hugger also allows for hands-free carrying. It’s got three zippered pockets, heavy duty zippers, and a buckle enclosure to make sure it stays put. There’s even a hidden pocket on the interior side of the bag! But unlike the Fanny Pack, the Hip Hugger has TWO separate front pouches rather than just one. Keep your stash on one side (in the included smell-proof poly bag) and use the other for a bowl, lighter, and hemp wick.

January 08, 2019 — Rachel Langhill

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