Can you believe another year has already come and gone? 2018 was a big year for Dime Bags. Many new products came into our collection, and we also said goodbye to some of our favorites. Based on what our customers love and request, we strive to offer only the most durable, sustainable, fashionable, and useful bags we can. Here were some top sellers of 2018.

Omerta Collection

Our stealthy, smell-proof collection of Omerta bags totally took off this year. With their carbon-lined technology that can be refreshed by throwing your bag in the dryer for just 10 minutes, heavy-duty zippers for the ultimate protection, and a sleek black appearance, our customers couldn’t get enough of our Omerta bags in their many shapes and sizes.

THE TRANSPORTER – Like our original Backpack only with an extra twist, our Omerta Transporter is totally smell-proof. It also has a unique lock-and-key system, making it a great bag for laptops, cameras, or other expensive electronics you want to keep safe. With four external compartments, one internal pocket, and two water bottle holders, the Transporter can literally take you anywhere.

OMERTA BOSS – Our Omerta Boss is available in 5”, 7”, 8”, and 10”. It’s like the cooler cousin of our original Padded Pouches, only with that special smell-blocking technology and iconic Omerta zippers. With thick padding and more room than you expect, the Boss is here to serve all your needs.

THE CLEANER – One of our largest Omerta bags, The Cleaner is great for transporting valuables safely, securely, and secretly during a long road trip. This big duffel bag has six pockets for optimal organization, and it’s a great choice for athletes trying to keep their sweaty gear stink-proof.

Padded Pouch

Don’t let its small size fool you! Our Padded Pouch has enough space to store all your daily essentials. It comes in 5”, 7”, 8”, and 10”, so you can be sure to get exactly what you need. It’s especially popular for pipe lovers, as the size ranges and inner padding keep glass pieces safe and in place. Not a pipe person? No worries! Use our Padded Pouch to stash your cash, phone, wallet, and more. With a main body zippered compartment, internal pocket, and external flap covered pocket, the Padded Pouch will keep your stuff organized and keep you stress-free.

Urban Backpack

2018 was a big year for colors. Our Urban Backpack is also like our original Backpack, only we offer it in three new blended colors we like to call Glass, Concrete, and Timber. Basically, we took some different colored Hempster, wove it together, and created these unique new options to make the ultimate statement. Urban Backpacks have four external compartments, two internal pockets, two water bottle holders, and adjustable straps. There’s even a secret pocket to hold anything from your latest pickup or your school planner. Whether you’re looking for security or organization, the Urban Backpack offers it all in a sweet new style.

The Top Shelf Series

The Top Shelf Series was one of our fastest-selling items. We partnered with Grassroots California to bring our fans a limited edition hat and bag combo. With 420 ever made, it’s no surprise these went quick. Both the hat and backpack feature a one-of-a-kind limited edition print that can only be found on these items. The hat and bag also come with two limited-edition patches. It’s pretty much the rarest Dime Bags item you can own, and there are a couple left. They won’t last long, so snag one now if you have your eye on it.

Here’s our list of best sellers in 2018! What products do you want to see in 2019? Let us know in the comments below!

December 03, 2018 — Customer Service

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