New bags on the block (part 1)

We're growing! We've got nine new styles slated for release but we want to give you time to process the overwhelming excitement you are feeling right now. 

Ok. You've processed. Now on to the bags...

Hot Box Extra

You heard it here first. There's a new Hot Box on the block and it's bigger and badder and oh so extra. Complete with all the features you've come to love with the original Hot Box, our newest backpack offers ample space for a 15" laptop and most anything else you could need. Available in six colors including a water resistant option, you'll want to make space in your closet for this baby, baby. 


Yellow purse against Ellie Paisley signature technicolor print

OH DAMN. No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. We're back at it with our signature Ellie Paisley 'EYEnapple' print but this time we've lined our brand new crossbody/clutch, The Daytripper, with it. Under the arm or over the shoulder, it's the perfect companion for whatever the day may hold. 


It's back and better than ever! Available in two sizes and five new colors, you can even clip it to you so it's always by your side. With exterior and interior pockets for organization, you can pack these full of your essentials and look pretty damn cool while you are at. Plus, they're the perfect compliment to like, EVERYTHING. 

Wondering where the other six are? We'll be dropping sneak peeks over the next few weeks so make sure to check back to see what else we've got up our sleeves. 

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