They said concerts were done for. Not yet. 

We’re the first to admit, the concert season and rave scene were a bust during the summer of 2020. It’s a bummer and we all know it, but live events are slowly making a comeback this autumn, with larger venues opening back up with new social distancing restrictions and a select calendar. But that doesn’t mean you can’t plan for your 2021 outfit now though. We here at Dime Bags have three new fanny pack designs that will be loved by not only the live-event enthusiasts, but outdoor adventurers, and world travelers alike. 

We’re excited to show you all the new waist bags that will debut this Friday, October 16th at noon MT, so come back here daily to get a look at each new bag around 12 pm MT. We have three new styles with multiple colors for a total of eight new bags dropping. 

Adventure Seekers: Meet the Puff Pack

For the hikers out there, looking for the perfect fanny pack that will keep your phone, keys, stash, glass, and more, around your hips, the Puff Pack will be the best edition for your hiking trips. In three new Water Resistant colors, Red, Black, and Blue, you can be sure your items will remain dry if you’re caught out in any sudden downpours. This belt bag is slightly larger than our stash pack and comes with an additional back pocket and our iconic hidden pocket.

Introducing the Puff Pack |Fanny Pack |Sports Pack

World Travelers: Introducing the Paradise Pack

Looking for a larger fanny pack that fits more than just your phone and wallet? Want that waist security for your passport, keys, a handheld camera, and more? Then our new Paradise Pack is the fanny pack for all your flying adventures or day trips. This is our most robust fanny pack yet, with four compartments, along with a hidden pocket. That’s right, both the Puff Pack and Paradise Pack come with our secret pocket because we know how much you love them. This belt bag can fit across your waist or chest, depending on your style, and comes in three new water resistant designs never before seen at Dime Bags; Light Jungle, Blue Jungle, and Dark Jungle. 

Paradise Pack | New Dime Bags | Fanny Pack | Waist Bags

Live-Event Enthusiasts: Partner Up with the Party Pack
Last but not least, we have the flashiest of fanny packs to arrive this Friday. The Party Pack is a unique waist bag that concert lovers and rave goers will love the most. This is a fanny pack with some cargo space, with room for a mini water bottle to keep you hydrated and pocket space for any size phone, along with multiple compartments to keep yourself organized. In two colors, Clear for the venues that require clear bags for entry, and an eye catching holographic Disco Pink with a rainbow zipper, you may find yourself debating on which one to get. (We suggest both 😉, but that’s just us.) And, on top of all that belt bag goodness, the Disco Pink comes with a hidden pocket, we apologize to the clear fans, can’t really include a secret pocket in a bag that’s clear. 🤷‍♀️
Party Pack | Dime Bags | Fanny Pack | New Dime Bags
That’s all for this week! Today at noon the new bags will be live to purchase on and will be in your local shops soon! Be sure to tune in again next week as we will have a new Omerta bag to debut and a new color for the All In One.

PS. Friday, October 16th is National Food Day (a weird social media holiday, sure, but!) we’ll be dropping SIX new patches in honor of the munchies we all love and adore. Every order on Friday will also get a little sweet snack surprise as a thank you to all of our fans! So take a hit, and enjoy a slice of pizza, you deserve it after the crap year of 2020.

October 13, 2020 — Jacki Stewart

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