Summer is coming on, and you know what that means!  Festivals will be flourishing all over the United States and you know we’re going to be there.  If you’re looking for a celebration to attend that will connect you with all the latest news and products available on the market, we’d like to humbly suggest you consider some of the ones below.  After all, you’ll get to meet the great people of Dime Bags and get a first-hand chance to handle the merchandise before you buy!  We love meeting our fans, and we hope to see you at one of these great festivals!


Electric Forest (June 27-30)
Electric Forest is one of our favorite events and has some of the most incredible light shows you’ll ever see. Every year we go, it’s like coming back to an extended family, and it’s about so much more than moving our product.  Visitors can opt to take exclusive shuttles that will bring them in from Chicago, Detroit, New York City, Muskegon, and Grand Rapids. Personal lockers are available on site to store your most important items, and they all come with charging ports to ensure you stay connected.  It is an incredible time, and they even have their own radio station!

Spring Awakening (June 7-9)
Spring Awakening is just around the corner from the posting of this article, and we’re excited to be a part of it.  Located in Hoffman Estates, IL this incredible event will host musical performances by Alan Walker, Gene Farris, Yellow Claw, the Be Nice Collective, and dozens of others that will keep the stage jumping through the weekend. Like Electric Forest there are lockers available on site and a broad assortment of vendors, including Dime Bag!

With these events on our list, this summer is sure to be off the hook, and there are more events to come down the road. We’ll be making it to everyone we can so we can connect with our incredible community, reconnect with old friends and customers, and generally enjoy immersing ourselves in the culture we love. If you’re going to be making it Electric Forest or Spring Awakening be sure to drop by our booth to check out our line of products, or to say hi!  We always love feedback and meeting the people who inspire us to create better bags.

June 04, 2019 — Brandon Withey


Jose said:

Please open a store in San Francisco! We SMOKE TOUGH OUT HERE! I order a all in one bag and lord I’m stacking up to put it to its test! Flower, oils, wax! You guys are amazing!

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