It’s no surprise to anyone who shops with us that Dime Bag is extremely proud to be a supporter of the hemp fabric industry.  We use our own proprietary blend of hemp and recycled polyester to make all of our products, and we’re excited to promote other companies out there who do their part by switching to hemp fabric.  Hemp has some incredible advantages, including being environmentally friendly, anti-microbial, and stronger than many other plant fibers on the market. Combine all those great traits with the fact that being abused by the weather just makes it softer, more durable, and even more ready to take on the next adventure and there’s no surprise we use hemp!  So come with us while we examine a few other companies that are fighting the good fight by using hemp for their products.

8000 Kicks 

8000 Kicks created something amazing: the worlds first, water proof shoes out of hemp! These game changing shoes are comfortable and eco-friendly using 72% less co2 and 70% less water then the average shoe. And yes, they are water proof! You can ensure that your feet will be safe from puddles when wearing these durable kicks. 8000 Kicks makes stylish and sustainable shoes for men and women as well as a variety of other hemp accessories. If you're looking to upgrade your wardrobe, check out these minimalist shoes, they're great for every occasion!

This company is absolutely incredible, going beyond simply using hemp in their products, they are involved in every stage of the creation of their products “From Seed To Stitch.”  They’ve played a central role in pushing forward legislation to legalize hemp farms here in the United States. They also work very hard to ensure that all the fiber they use is grown with the environment and fair trade in mind while simultaneously helping local hemp farmers find new ways to mill and grow hemp to create a local supply.

This company calls the Netherlands home but is shipping its product all across the world to places that can use them.  These innovators were the first to put out a winter jacket that was made from hemp, and it also happened to be free of toxins and harsh chemicals.  Part of their company philosophy is making sure that no animals are impacted by their products, so you can wear them with pride.

These guys are one of our personal favorites, in part because it’s hard to go wrong with hemp candles and body care products.  Aside from living in our bathrooms, they also provide a broad range of crafting supplies, belts, and a lot more. They have a solid conviction that hemp can save the world if we just give it a chance to supplant products that just damage the environment.

WAMA Underwear
Last but not least, we venture to the clothing that’s closest to our… well.  WAMA has been producing an incredible line of comfortable, durable hemp underwear that is far more comfortable than you might guess.  Remember what we said about hemp being anti-microbial? Well, there’s nowhere in our bodies that carry more odor and bacteria than our playgrounds, and wearing natural hemp undies helps combat that.

If you’re excited about checking out some of the newest hemp products the world has to offer than we strongly encourage you to check out these companies above, they’re really pushing the envelope on what can be made out of hemp and doing their best to provide an environmentally conscious solution to our common needs.  Keep an eye out on these and other hemp brands, they’re doing great things!

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October 11, 2019 — DimeBags

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