We all have that one friend and family member who runs on weed and sunshine and can typically be found asking "Want to smoke and hike up a big rock?". For the trail blazers in your life, we've rounded up some of our favorite bags built for outdoor adventures. Whether they're climbing mountains or foraging for 'shrooms, we've got the perfect gift to make their next adventure the best yet. 


A classic crossbody, the Slinger comes in three water-resistant colors to keep the goods dry in case of an unexpected rain storm. A roomy interior makes for plenty of space for your smoking essentials and the two exterior pockets make sure they can grab their phone or wallet in one easy sling. Like all Dime Bags, The Slinger is complete with a secret pocket and smell-proof spill-proof Dime Baggie. 


So your friend wants to bring their rig on their hike and while you may not be fully on board with it, we are and have the perfect bag to do so. 

The smell-proof version of The Conversion Tube, The Wiseguy features a hard shell backpack case with a removable padded insert. Decked out with organization, the padded insert features pockets for bangers and down stems white the top compartment allows for storage of items like phones and wallets. 

Not traveling with glass? Cool. You can remove the padded insert and have a roomy backpack perfect for gear. It'll be like you gave them two gifts instead of one which will definitely make you their favorite. 


So maybe your trail blazer is more of weekend warrior and that's okay. The Convoy is the perfect bag if you're taking your toke on a longer journey. 

100% smell-proof and lockable, this carbon filtered duffle bag is the perfect size for a weekend jaunt into the mountains or an overnight trip in your favorite city. Not only does this baddie have carbon lined interior but the exterior pocket is smell-proof too! And there's handles! And straps!  

The Don

Perfect for short hikes or sunny day walks around downtown, The Don is our first smell-proof crossbody. The two pockets on the front make it easy to access all of your essentials while the full panel back pocket is perfect for storing things like your wallet. 

The Don unzips more than halfway and has an roomy interior complete with mesh divider perfect for a tablet as well as two small exterior side pockets, perfect for storing your penjamin. But I need more protection, you say? No problem! The Don now features a TSA 3-digit combo lock for an extra layer of security.

The Administrator 

This is our most tactile bag to date. The Administrator is one of the newest additions to our smell-proof line up and is perfect for anyone, smoker and non, who may or may not be prone to getting lost in the woods. With this backpack, they'll be able to pack all the needed "survival tools" without committing to the outdoor vibe all the way. 

Featuring a chest clip for comfort and even weight distribution, this backpack features two water bottle pockets and a large external pocket with snazzy, adjustable buckles. It's roomy interior is secured by a TSA approved combo lock to keep whatever you're packing safe and secure. 


November 16, 2023 — Amber Sparks

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