Not all of us are born with beauty and grace. Some of us are funny and clumsy. Just kidding- everyone is beautiful. Graceful on the other hand...
If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your favorite person who needs to move through life in a bubble, you came to the right place. From padded pouches to hard-shell backpacks, you'll save their glass and their ass with one of these gifts.

All-in-One Padded Pouch

A stoner staple if we've ever seen one, our All-in-One padded pouch is the perfect on-the-go stash bag. Outfitted with a shed-free velour interior and smell-proof pocket, the All-in-One comes in four (4) sizes and 26 colors. From 5" to 10" big, this pouch goes one further than our original padded pouch and includes a rolling tray. Toss it in your purse or backpack and you're ready for whatever type of day you're manifesting.  

Duffle Tube

The All-in-One may be perfect for chillums and pipes but our Duffle Tube is a clutch move for anyone looking to protect any larger glass pieces. Another quintessential Dime Bags piece, our Duffle Tube comes in three (3) sizes ranging from 10" to 17". Not only is this tube outfitted with a shed-proof velour interior, it is packed with organizational pockets for down stems, bowls and that mini giraffe statue you carry around.

Dime Bags Drawstring Tube resting on vintage Pac-Man game machine 

Drawstring Tube

You know what's tubular? This bag. Both literally and figuratively. The vertical version of our Duffle Tube, this bag is perfect for any piece that may not lend well to being laid on it's side. With four different sizes ranging from 8" to 18", these bags are perfect for bongs and PuffCo products and unzip down the side for easy access. Like it's Duffle Tube cousin, it is packed with pockets for all of your smoking accessories. 

Dime Bag Soldier pick and pull foam case open with orange pipe and blue chillum inside


Our take on a classic style case, The Soldier is our smell-proof pick-and-pull foam case.  Pick the foam, place your piece and it's like a nice hug for your glass. Not only is the soldier smell-proof but comes outfitted with a TSA approved combo-lock and is available in 6" and 10". Bonus: the 10" has a swanky handle. 

Girl with curly hair and olive green jacket sitting outside putting Macbook computer into Glass Side Hustler

Side Hustler

Listen- you can be smart and still fall down and go boom. Which is why the Side Hustler is the perfect gift for anyone on your list who does a lot of bee-boop=bee-boop on their computer. Sleek and compact, the Side Hustler doesn't skimp on features. Complete with handles and a strap and available in 15" and 17", the Side Hustler is the newest sidekick. 

November 16, 2023 — Grace Cole

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